Consumer Terms and Conditions

PLEASE NOTE: CCBill, LLC is a Payment Service Provider and does not have control over any goods offered by a Merchant. CCBill is not provider of goods and does not directly fulfill or provide inventory of any said goods. In regards to Tangible Items that you purchase from a Merchant Website; CCBill does not own, store, ship, control, provide any product support for goods sold.

CCBill adheres to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. If you have issues that concern intellectual property, please click the DMCA link on

Before your transaction can be completed, you must read and agree to these terms and conditions. By purchasing from a Merchant utilizing the payment services of CCBill, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions, and are agreeing to be legally bound by them. This agreement is subject to change by CCBill at any time. Changes are effective when posted on this site without notice upon each subscriber.

1. Legal Definitions

  • Consumer: The individual purchasing goods from the Seller.
  • Merchant: The operator or owner of the store front to which the Consumer purchases goods.
  • Products: Goods (tangible or intangible) purchased from and fulfilled by a Merchant to a Consumer.
  • CCBill Pay: An online service offered to the Consumer enabling the storage of multiple payment instruments which can be utilized to process payments within CCBill’s Merchant Network.
  • User Profile: A CCBill Pay Consumer, opened and utilized by the Consumer who accedes to the terms and conditions outlined in this document. User Profile incorporates the Consumer’s personal information, including but not limited to email address, password, full name, home address, payment information, and other.
  • Payment Instrument: A payment method or tool enabling the transfer of funds.

2. Description of Services

CCBill provides transactional processing between a Merchant and a Consumer. Merchant will provide services and fulfillment of products purchased by a Consumer. CCBill disclaims all responsibility for the merchandise ordered from Merchant. Merchant is liable to the Consumer and responsible for fulfillment and support of all products. All Customer service related questions for products are the responsibility of the Merchant, and the Consumer is hereby notified that any inquiries are to be made directly to the customer service contacts provided by Merchant. CCBill provides no warranty or guarantee of any kind, including but not limited to any statements, claims, or descriptions that have been made by the Merchant. CCBill is not responsible for the product or delivery of said product.

3. Billing

CCBill and the Merchant will jointly appear on your statement, for all charges made. Each respective Merchant charge for a given product purchased will appear on your statement. CCBill may include other information on your statement as mandated by applicable rules and regulations.

If you elect to use your banking account to purchase a product, a debit will be presented to your bank account.

4. Payment / Fee

Products may have periodic recurring fees that are defined by the Merchant and disclosed by CCBill at the time of the initial purchase. The Consumer is responsible for such fees according to the terms accepted and agreed upon at the time of purchase. All consumed good and services are considered non-refundable.

Pricing for Products will appear on the website associated with the item. CCBill will process a single transaction for the total amount of a shopping card including any taxes, shipping and handling charges, and any other miscellaneous charges added by the Merchant. Returns and refunds are governed by the Merchant’s terms and conditions. CCBill's responsibility ends with processing the transaction. Any issues involving the product are to be strictly between you and the Merchant.

5. Automatic Recurring Billing (If Selected By You on the Sign-Up Page)

As determined by the Merchant, recurring fees may be automatically renewed at the end of the original term selected, for a similar period of time, unless notice is received from the Consumer before renewal. All trial/special offer recurring fees shall renew at the stated rate.

Unless and until this agreement is cancelled in accordance with the terms hereof, Consumer hereby authorizes CCBill to charge Consumer’s chosen payment method to pay for the ongoing cost of recurring charges. Consumer hereby further authorizes CCBill to charge Consumer’s chosen payment method for any and all additional purchases of goods provided by merchant.

6. Electronic Receipt

CCBill will email a transactional receipt to the Consumer at the email address provided during the initial purchase. Consumer may, at any time, request a complete copy of the charges made. To contact CCBill, refer to the Questions and Contact Information at the end of this document.

7. Cancellation

At any time, and without cause, recurring transactions may be terminated by CCBill, the Merchant, or the Consumer upon notification to the other by electronic or conventional mail, by telephone, or by fax. When the Consumer requests the termination, past recurring fees are NOT refunded. Consumers are liable for charges incurred by them until termination of service.

If you request cancellation or request a refund from Merchant, CCBill, your bank, or card issuer, due to unauthorized or fraudulent use, CCBill can at its discretion, to prevent further unauthorized use, block your information from use by all CCBill Merchants. This will not, however, prevent unauthorized use at Merchants businesses not utilizing the payment processing services of CCBill, and is not a substitution for your contacting your appropriate channels to prevent further misuse.

If you are taking advantage of a "Free" trial period through a credit card, please be aware of the following: CCBill will request and your bank will immediately put a "Reserved Funds" hold on your payment method for the amount of the subscription plan you have selected. If the free trial is cancelled within the timeframe allowed by the Merchant, it typically takes the banking system 7 to 10 days to remove the credit card hold from these funds. Please understand that CCBill has no way to remove this hold in a more expedient manner. During the trial period and up to 7 to 10 days after you cancel, these funds are considered unavailable for use even though technically they are still there, and you could overdraw or exceed the limits of your account. You are responsible for any charges imposed by your issuing financial institution for exceeding your account limits or overdrawing your account.

If you are ordering Tangible Items, please be aware that CCBill will request and your bank will immediately put a "Reserved Funds" hold on your payment method for the amount of the Product you have selected even though the items have not been shipped. You will be notified by the Merchant when the item(s) you have ordered have been shipped.

8. Refunds

When the Consumer requests the termination of a recurring transaction, past recurring fees are NOT refundable. Should a refund be issued by Merchant or CCBill, all refunds will be credited solely to the payment method used in the original transaction. CCBill will not issue refunds by cash, check, or to another credit card or payment mechanism.

Requests for refunds for returned Products are to be directed to the Merchant. CCBill retains no records of the sale of Tangible goods other than the information necessary to process the transaction.

9. Authorization of Use

All goods are provided for personal use and shall not be used for any commercial purposes or by any commercial entities. Commercial use of goods provided is strictly prohibited unless authorized by the Merchant.

CCBill and the Merchant reserve the right to terminate a purchase at any time if the terms of this agreement is breached. In the event that these terms are breached, you will be required to immediately destroy any information or goods taken.

10. Sanction and Approval of Age Restricted Products and Material

The Merchant may be providing products that are intended for viewing or purchase by individuals who are of legal age in the jurisdiction where this material is being viewed and are at least 18 years of age in the US (21 in AL, MS, NE, and WY). Products available within this site may include depictions that are visually graphic in nature and should not be accessed by anyone who is not of legal age. By purchasing a such goods from Merchant, you are implicitly making the following statements: "I affirm and swear, under penalty of perjury, that as of this moment I am of legal age in the jurisdiction where this product is being consumed and am at least 18 years of age in the US (21 in AL, MS, NE, and WY). I will not permit any persons who are not of legal age in the jurisdiction where product is being consumed and are at least 18 years of age in the US (21 in AL, MS, NE, and WY) to view or access in any way any materials found."

11. Supplementary Terms and Conditions

The Merchant may have additional Terms and Conditions that are an integral part of their offering to the Consumer, and are in addition to these Terms and Conditions. Such Terms and Conditions as listed at the site will in no way invalidate any of the Terms and Conditions listed here. All Terms listed apply to CCBill, the Merchant, and the Consumer.

I understand that by having checked the acknowledgement of CCBill's Terms and Conditions, I am affirming that I have read and understand the Terms and Conditions of this account and authorize CCBill to bill my chosen payment method in accordance with the current Terms and Conditions.

This agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Arizona and you hereby irrevocably consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the courts in Maricopa County, Arizona, U.S.A. in all disputes arising out of or relating to the use of CCBill's services.

12. Severability

If any provision of this Agreement shall be held to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining provisions shall continue to be valid and enforceable. If a court finds that any of this Agreement is invalid or unenforceable, but that by limiting such provision it would become valid or enforceable, then such provision shall be deemed to be written, construed, and enforced as so limited.

13. Notice

Notices by the site to subscribers may be given by means of electronic messages through the site, by a general posting on the site, or by conventional mail.

Notices by Consumers may be given by electronic messages, conventional mail, telephone or fax unless otherwise specified in the Agreement. All questions, complaints, or notices regarding a site must be directed to Merchant and/or CCBill. All cancellations of subscription service to a site must also be directed to CCBill. All questions, complaints, or notices regarding a Tangible Items site must be directed to Seller.

14. Marks

All non-CCBill logos and trademarks appearing on the CCBill site are property of their respective owners.

Consumer Terms and Conditions Specific to CCBill Pay

1. Opening A CCBill Pay Account

  1. A person must be at least 18 years of age (21 years of age in certain jurisdictions) in order to open a CCBill Pay User Profile and make payments utilizing CCBill payment services. By accepting these Terms and Conditions you acknowledge that you are of the legal age required to use these services. You accept these Terms and Conditions by checking the appropriate box during the CCBill Pay User Profile sign up process or other instances where we may ask you to accept them. You should print and retain a copy of these Terms and Conditions for your records.
  2. The information you provide to us when opening a CCBill Pay User Profile must be truthful and accurate. Any attempted or actual submission of false information will result in our rejection of your User Profile. It also may be treated by us as attempted or actual fraud and may be reported to the appropriate authorities.
  3. The services associated with or provided in connection with the CCBill Pay User Profile are provided by CCBill, LLC, an Arizona Limited Liability Company and / or CCBill EU Ltd., a Maltese Limited Company (“CCBill”). These CCBill Pay User Profile Terms and Conditions outline the procedures for opening, using, and closing of CCBill Pay account and govern the usage of CCBill services along with the CCBill General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
  4. Your CCBill Pay User Profile enables you to store your credit card, prepaid, ACH, SEPA, Giropay, iDEAL, DirectPay or debit card account (“Payment Instrument”) information with us for use in payments to participating merchants for bona fide sales of goods or services (“Card Payments Service”). In order to participate in the CCBill Account service, you must enter information regarding a valid Payment Instrument in your User Profile. CCBill will submit your Payment Instrument information to the applicable credit or debit card network in order to process the transaction on behalf of the participating merchant.
  5. By adding a Payment Instrument to your User Profile, you authorize that Payment Instrument to be charged in order to process your Card Payments Service transactions. You also authorize CCBill to debit or credit your Payment Instrument to correct errors, process refunds, or make other adjustments related to your Card Payments Service transactions.
  6. CCBill has no liability for any goods or services purchased through the Card Payments Service. CCBill is solely a payment service provider and is not a bank. Any proceeds of transactions conducted through the Card Payments Service are not deposits and are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (“FDIC”).

2. Transaction History

Your CCBill Pay User Profile enables you to view your transaction history online. This service is provided to you for your convenience and shall in no way substitute any transaction statement or other information provided to you by the issuing payment bank which you use for making payments through CCBill’s services. If you notice any discrepancy between the entries of the transaction history of your CCBill Pay User Profile and the entries in a transaction statement provided by any issuing bank, you should contact us and your issuer to resolve the issue. In order for CCBill to undertake an investigation of an alleged error, you must contact CCBill within 180 days of the date of the date of the transaction that you believe is in error.

3. Safeguarding Login Details

Your CCBill Pay User Profile is password protected. You must not share your password with anyone. You should not record your access credentials anywhere in writing or otherwise. If you think your access credentials may have been lost, stolen, disclosed to any third party, or otherwise compromised, you must inform us immediately.

4. Personal Information

You are required to keep the information in your CCBill Pay User Profile accurate and up to date. Continued use of your CCBill Pay User Profile with inaccurate information may be regarded by us as a breach of these Terms and Conditions and may result in termination of your User Profile. You agree that we may require you to provide additional information at any time in order to participate in our services. From time to time, we also may obtain information from third parties to verify that your Payment Instrument account is in good standing or otherwise verify your ability to receive services from CCBill in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

Your personal information will be secured in accordance with our Privacy Policy which forms part of these Terms and Conditions.

5. Making Payments

You may not use CCBill’s services to send or receive payments for goods and/or services prohibited by any applicable law, regulation, or CCBill’s Acceptable Use Policy, as defined in the General Terms of Use. CCBill reserves the right to amend the Acceptable Use Policy without notice and in its sole discretion by publishing any updates of this Section on the website and the relevant Section of the User Profile Terms and Conditions and such amended term will become effective immediately upon publication.

6. Change In Terms

CCBill reserves the right in its sole discretion to make changes to, impose limits or conditions on your use of, and/or suspend or terminate any or all of the services provided under these Terms and Conditions without notice or liability except as required under applicable law.

7. Liability



8. Closing CCBill Pay

You may at any time request that we close your User Profile. Please be aware that we will keep your personal details and transaction history on our systems for at least 18 months or such longer period as required by Card Associations (such as American Express, Visa and MasterCard®) or by law.

You can open a new User Profile at any time, however, you can only maintain one User Profile per email address at any time.

9. Communication

You may contact us by calling +1.888.596.9279, by sending an email to, or via mail at 2353 West University Drive, Tempe Arizona 85281. Consumers may also us the “Live Chat” functionality available on the website.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you agree that we may communicate with you regarding CCBill's services electronically, via either (1) email to the email address or (2) posting on CCBill's website ( We may provide all communications about CCBill’s services to you electronically, such as, but not limited to, agreements, policies, notices, or disclosures, or changes to the same, information on your Card Payments, or customer service communications.

You agree that we may provide electronic communications in lieu of providing paper communications which may be required under applicable law. You are responsible for retaining these electronic communications, such as by saving a copy on your computer or printing a paper version. Electronic communications from us will be deemed received by you when sent by us to the email address or mobile phone number provided in your User Profile, posted on CCBill's website or when we provide you with notice of posting on another website. You are responsible for maintaining an up-to-date email address and mobile phone number in your User Profile.

In order to receive and retain electronic communications we provide to you, you will need to maintain an active email account with an Internet provider. Where possible, you should enable the option to receive emails in html-format. Maintenance of these requirements is your responsibility, and you are solely responsible for any fees charged by your Internet service provider.

If you would like to receive a paper copy of any communications we provide to you electronically, you may contact us at the contact information listed above. Please note that we may charge you a fee for notices provided in paper form. If you withdraw your consent to receive communications electronically at any time, we may suspend or terminate the provision of CCBill’s services to you.

Questions and Contact Information

All questions to CCBill regarding these Terms and Conditions must be directed to:

CCBill, LLC.
2353 West University Drive
Tempe, AZ, USA 85281-7223
Telephone: 1.480.449.7751
Fax: 1.480.449.8801

First Floor,
CC Buildings
Palm Street,
Paola PLA 1411, Malta
Telephone: 1.888.596.9279
v.10; July 10, 2018
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