Admin Portal Glossary


Anything being sold by a sponsor. This could be a subscription, a video download, access tokens, or other assets that can be sold according to the terms and conditions.


A group of programs and/or marketing materials owned by a sponsor and grouped together for reporting purposes.


When a consumer disputes a transaction with their credit card company and the credit card company decides in the consumer's favor, a chargeback is issued to return the funds from the sponsor and affiliate accounts back to the consumer. These are negative transactions.

Form Hits

The total number of Web hits on a Join Form associated with a sponsor Asset.


A month is defined as a (Gregorian) calendar month beginning at 12:00 AM on the 1st day of the calendar month to 11:59 PM on the last day of the calendar month.

New Sales

When you refer a consumer to a sponsor's site for the first time and they purchase a subscription, the first transaction of the subscription is a new sale.

Opt Out

You may wish to receive fewer emails and/or communications from a sponsor. In the event that you wish to do so, there is an option to Opt Out of sponsor emails in the Manage Programs area of the Affiliate Admin.


A program is set up by a sponsor as a means to recruit affiliates. It typically contains the ability to sign up an affiliate, obtain referred traffic, making sales, and paying affiliates for referrals and can be sale- or click-based.


The subsequent charges for subscriptions billed to consumers after the "new sale".


Refunds are given by sponsors or customer service for several reasons and are counted as negative transactions.

A person or entity that provides financial compensation to an affiliate in return for the referral of new consumers to their site. This compensation is typically in the form of a portion of the revenue generated from the referred sale.
A week is defined as Sunday 12:00 AM to Saturday at 11:59 PM.


A Whitepaper is an authoritative report or guide often used toward marketing to a very specific audience and intended to help someone to make a decision regarding services and products.