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Every business is unique. No two businesses have the same processes, duplicate products or identical buyers. And because of that, your checkout and subscription process is unique to your business. It's all about creating a seamless and cohesive experience for your end-users, while reinforcing trust and credibility in the process.  CCBill’s system is designed with multiple levels of customization options for payment flows, branding and product marketing. And with CCBill’s FlexForms this process is even simpler.

Instant form and checkout customization

Payment pages within your site can be tailored to mirror your company branding, look, and feel. By creating your own inventory of text, colors, layouts, payment options and branding elements such as your own banners or graphics, you can create a holistic shopping and buying experience all the way through the payment processing portion.

Our new WebWidget option in FlexForms is a dynamic, customizable button which lives on your website as a branded payment logo, and autosenses language and text of the user for a friendly experience with minimal maintenance.

FlexForms offers instant customization, globally responsive design, A│B testing of flow designs, as well as custom payment cascades to shape your payment methods to your business' needs. Any of these features could be implemented in a couple of clicks, offering you by far the easiest way to optimize your payment forms for a seamless buying experience.

Custom email receipts and buyer notifications

Complementing the custom payment forms options is a series of configurable e-mails you can use to communicate with consumers. These event-driven e-mails get sent to consumers any time a subscription status changes, such as when they join, cancel, upgrade – or even when their subscription expires. These powerful communication pieces employ full HTML design options, which can be used for solid support for the buyer or even for full color company branding or cross-promotions.

Instant promotions

Markets change quickly and your payment provider needs to be able to support your dynamic marketing efforts as quickly as the market adjusts. CCBill’s FlexForms employs multiple and custom promotional offers for instant publication. Additionally, the combination of FlexForms A|B Testing tools and integrated Google AdWords and Google Analytics tracking support side-by-side promotion analysis for limitless campaigns. 

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