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Capturing more revenues is always the goal. While getting new consumers is certainly a viable method for doing so, it is important to not overlook existing consumers in the process. With CCBill's one-click upgrade feature, you won't.

Keep it simple

It sounds easy enough. Offer your existing consumers upgraded or premium services or products to generate additional sales, and allow for returning consumers to simply make additional purchases. In principle, that is a solid strategy to implement. But how do you further encourage these consumers to make purchases?

The one-click upgrade billing solution  enables you to make offers to your existing or returning consumers while also incorporating a simple purchasing option. Any value-add you want to make available can be bought with one touch of the button. That's it. Your loyal consumers do not need to re-enter their payment or contact information, and you capture additional revenues. This billing solution is very well suited to dating and online live entertainment websites, since users can purchase additional access, content, or premium memberships without leaving the application.

One-click upgrades can be applied to consumers that previously paid by credit card or check for any subscription or membership processed through CCBill.

The power of the one-click purchase options also expands to offers outside of your own portfolio or websites to external partners. With Merchant Connect, CCBill offers a legal way for merchants to connect with other merchants and easily cross promote and sell the other’s services. Consumer purchase data is secure and promoting additional offers to your consumers from other partners becomes as simple as a single click for the extra sale. 

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