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In today's online market, your consumers can literally be thousands of miles from your "storefront" and make purchases. To really take advantage of this global marketplace, you need to appeal to consumers regardless of their location. CCBill's regional pricing feature lets you.

One of several international payment tools, regional pricing is very well suited to help you generate additional revenues across the globe. Like all other billing features CCBill offers, there is no extra cost for regional pricing, and implementation can be done through the user-friendly Admin Portal.

Regional Pricing

  • Targeted - regional prices can be set for geographic areas, in one of six currencies native to them
  • Flexible – regional prices can be set in four different ways
    • Difference between daily exchange rate and your base price
    • A fixed amount you select
    • A custom conversion rate you define
    • A conversion rate recommended by CCBill
  • Market-ready – regional prices can be set to amounts in line with various international markets to take advantage of currency fluctuations

Generating revenues from where ever you can is a key aspect of running a successful online business in today's market. CCBill's regional pricing feature, along with other international payment features such as intelligent forms, EU Debit and DirectPayEU, can definitely help you capture more sales.

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