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Payment Processing
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Payment Processing Administration

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The CCBill Admin Portal is your one-stop shop for configuring, monitoring, administering, and tracking all aspects of your online e-commerce. Everything, from customizing communications and branding to managing memberships, can be accomplished from the same user-friendly secure Web interface. However, one of the most significant features of the Admin Portal is its abundance of reporting options.

We are continuously improving the CCBill FlexStats reporting system. Providing a complete set of interactive and dynamic business intelligence support tools, reports include Scheduled Rebills, Cancellations, Merchant Transactions, Affiliate Transactions, Quick Stats, and Form Hits.

Payment Processing Reporting

The total picture

Real-time, point-to-point tracking of every transaction throughout the billing and payment process is at your fingertips in the CCBill Admin Portal. Detailed reporting on everything from overall volume to individual transactions is easily generated and exported into four different formats as needed for sharing with other departments or systems.

Reports include:

  • Processing
    • Transactions by region, type, payment type
    • Chargebacks
    • Refunds
  • Types
  • Traffic
    • Sales per click
    • Conversion rates
    • Payment form hits
    • Abandons
  • Members
  • Marketing
    • Growth rate
  • Affiliate
    • Referred sales
    • Affiliate tracking

It is difficult for any business to grow without metrics to measure success and a trusted system to track incoming sales or purchases.

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