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European Payment Processing

The European marketplace

There are more than 200 million online consumers in Europe. If you are not reaching out to them with payment solutions they are both comfortable and familiar with, chances are you are missing some significant opportunities. Credit card usage in this region is not the same as it is in the United States, and many consumers do not wish to shop online using cards. However, CCBill's DirectPayEU and EU Debit solutions can help you reach out to these consumers and convert the opportunities into sales and revenues.

DirectPayEU DirectPay EU

Available to consumers in 36 European countries, DirectPayEU enables you to offer a payment option that does not include a credit card, or a required form of payment entry on the payment form. Instead, consumers are offered a transaction ID and a direct link to their bank's website on the form. After they sign in to the bank's secure page, they enter the transaction ID and pay for the service, membership, or product directly from their personal account. Upon receipt of the funds, the CCBill system automatically e-mails the user access information.

Additionally, CCBill offers both iDEAL and GiroPay as part of DirectPayEU to offer access to audiences on a local level for the Netherlands and Germany, respectively.

EU Debit EU Debit

Available to consumers that reside in Austria, Germany, and the Netherlands, EU Debit lets you provide another payment option to people that may not have or do not want to use a credit card. Rather, they can make purchases with their checking accounts, and receive access to your site once funds have cleared.

CCBill has expanded its European Direct Debit Solution to include SEPA. CCBill merchants can conduct transactions in 32 new countries, as well as experience new growth possibilities, increased global transaction processing, easy cashless payments, a reliable and trusted payment processing service, easy consumer experience, and improved banking efficiency.

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