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Payment flow management

You want to collect revenue from the most consumers that you can. And we want to help you do just that. Unlike many other payment processors, CCBill has developed traffic flow systems which enable you to leverage the different strengths of various payment types, different forms, even different payment processors, including those outside of the many CCBill options.

FlexForms makes setting up and managing traffic and payment flows as simple as dragging-and-dropping forms, as well as options and buyer destinations into an easy-to-edit workflow. By testing and applying these flows to your payment links, you can instantly and confidently route consumers through different paths and maximize transaction approvals. And by easily controlling the promotional items on your form, you can drive sales and traffic.

Optimizing the process

Of course, implementing, testing and managing multiple consumer payment flows can be time-intensive, unless you are using CCBill as your payments foundation. Through the intuitive setup wizard or by using FlexForms, you can select and specify the buying process.  

But no workflow is perfect right at the start. CCBill’s FlexForms allows you to track different forms, various layouts, unique promotions – and even alternate processors – from the same traffic source for a fair and true analysis of your payment process. By A│B testing our forms against all of your other forms, including your CCBill legacy forms, FlexForms, and other processors’ forms, you can base your decisions on tangible results in order to drive conversions and sales. And don’t forget that you can integrate your forms with Google Analytics and Google AdWords for detailed results.

If you are leveraging any affiliates in the operation of your business, the cascading affiliate system manages the tracking process to ensure accurate credit for your partners and affiliates and payment amounts to your affiliates.

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