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CCBill in the Phoenix NAP Data Center

Following a lengthy study of available infrastructure options that would meet CCBill's current and future data storage, traffic routing, and information security needs, a decision was made to migrate CCBill databases and computer systems to the Phoenix NAP data center. Due to the high focus the facility places on implementing security systems and processes that meet and exceed some of today's best known data standards, as well as offering a variety of connecting routes to hubs, Phoenix NAP is an ideal location for CCBill to colocate its servers.

Physical Security

Phoenix NAP's security rivals anything you would see in a highly controlled financial institution or government office. The entire facility is under the surveillance of onsite guards that all have former military or police force experience. These guards are armed with Tasers, and are present 24/7/365. Visitors cannot even enter the building without passing security checks at the front door, and every entry point within the facility features additional security checks. For instance, infrared devices are situated at the mantrap, and biometric scanners and card readers are all throughout the facility.

Facility Compliance

Many industry standards apply to data centers and IT solutions, and Phoenix NAP fulfills most of these requirements to an exemplary level. It is a SAS 70 Type II certified facility and also one of only a handful of data centers in the United States to carry the distinction of being a PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Validated Services Provider. PCI DSS requires any business that accepts, stores, or transmits credit card payments or electronic funds to be in compliance, which is a fundamental aspect of our operations and payment processing solutions.

Reliable Infrastructure

Important to any data center, and any business really, is reliable performance of IT infrastructure. Phoenix NAP features very high levels of redundancy and efficiency in each of its various systems – power, cooling, etc. – to help ensure stable operations and business continuity. It is also a concurrently maintainable data center, meaning any piece of facility infrastructure can receive maintenance without causing any interruptions.

Furthermore, Phoenix NAP is centrally located in a city and region that has an extremely low natural catastrophe occurrence rate.

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