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Consumer retention

Combating consumer attrition can seem like a daunting task, but CCBill has tools to help, and they are all available for you to use at no extra charge. Through the timely distribution of event-driven custom e-mails, loyalty or cancellation discounts, or membership upgrade offers, you can reward your loyal consumers and offer others reasons and incentives to stay.

And by leveraging CCBill's Subscription Management System (SMS), you can offer upgrades and discounts directly from your website, without requiring consumers to login to support pages.

Event-driven custom e-mails
Any time consumers' account statuses change, such as when they join, cancel, or their account expires, the CCBill system delivers an e-mail to them. These communications can be a great mechanism for sending customized messages that are tailored to the specific situation. For instance, you can cross promote related services or products to newly joined members, or offer discounts or upgrade opportunities to members that are cancelling. All e-mail templates are housed within the CCBill Admin Portal, and each can be configured to reflect your brand, message, or offer.

Whether you want to reward loyal consumers or encourage those leaving to stay, the discount consumer retention tools let you do both. Easily set up in the Admin Portal, the discounts are basically structured as follows:

  • Loyalty discounts – provide special pricing as a promotion to thank long-time consumers
  • Cancel discounts – provide a financial incentive to entice consumers to stay

By using these tools as appropriate, you can help drive consumer retention while remaining focused on operating your business.

Similar to cancel discount offers, the upgrade consumer retention tool enables you to offer more to consumers that are attempting to cancel. For instance, you can offer an upgraded membership at a discounted price. This can be an effective method for keeping more consumers that otherwise may go to one of your competitors.

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