Adult Merchant Account

Assigning the correct MCC (Merchant Category Code) to an adult merchant account means staying compliant and being charged with the fees that correspond with the risk level of your adult business model.

  • Adult Business Models

    Business Models

    No matter the history or business model, including adult toy ecommerce, adult cam, fan sites, content platforms, adult dating, or streaming websites & apps, anyone can start application and boarding.

  • Adult Merchant Account Approval

    No Account Freeze

    While competitors may provide pre-approved accounts only to later freeze merchant assets, our onboarding process is designed to be fast and simple ensuring account approval is permanent.

  • Adult Merchant Account Volumes

    No Min or Max Volumes

    Whether you are a start-up with no previous transactions, a merchant with low monthly revenue, or a well-established business, we place no restrictions on low nor high transaction volumes.

  • Adult Industry Experience

    Industry Experience

    Our 25 years of industry experience, trusted relationships with banks and card networks ensures your safe navigation through the landscape of the adult payment processing regulations.

Adult Merchant Services

A comprehensive suite of tools and life-cycle support are tailored to deliver merchants with an uninterrupted business operations and revenue growth.

  • Merchant Support

    An in-house and dedicated merchant support team are available around-the-clock, 365 days a year, with added account management assistance to ensure merchants receive comprehensive support fitted to their specific needs.
  • Risk Mitigation

    A highly skilled team of trained fraud specialists proactively identifies and addresses potential issues. Agile risk mitigation strategies are developed in close collaboration with merchants.
  • Billing Support

    Our billing support is available 24x7x365 in 288 languages to address your buyers’ needs in a discreet manner. Harnessing the power of Etocha and Verifi's cutting-edge CDRN and RDR technologies, they effectively reduce the risk of chargebacks.
  • Regulatory Compliance

    Established relationships with banks, card schemes, payment industry leaders, and auditing bodies are a guarantee of merchants' continuous regulatory and content compliance.

Adult Payment Gateway

Gain access to an all-in-one PCI DSS compliant payment platform, or choose from a range of additional adult payment gateways, tailored to suit adult business specific needs.

Design custom payment flows for enhanced checkout experience. Redirect customers to unique approval or denial paths, promotional forms, or even to another adult payment processor in the event of a declined transaction.

Leverage the power of the CCBill Subscription Management System or integrate the member management solution of your choice by using technologies including Postback, Webhooks, Data Link Extract, Data Link SMS, and our proprietary JPost local system.

Extend the rebill period or expiration date to keep fans who might be planning to cancel subscriptions to models or content. Offer reimbursement for any experienced downtime and use loyalty discounts to motivate and reward repeat customers.

Automating the rebilling process is vital for ensuring seamless and uninterrupted customer experience. We use Visa Account Updater to automatically extend subscriptions with expired cards and refresh card-on-file information. In case of insufficient funds, our proprietary tools and procedures will repeatedly try to charge the card. Additionally, merchants can send personalized email invites asking users to manually reactivate their expired subscriptions.

Pair individual transactions with subscriptions without the need of using multiple adult merchant accounts or adult payment processors. With one-click payments you eliminate the need for re-entering billing information and provide your fans with a seamless checkout experience. Increase customer satisfaction by offering users the opportunity to buy tokens, digital gifts, or to tip models.

Leverage the power of the CCBill proprietary VScrub and Web Verify systems to protect your adult website from the risks of carding, and malicious or friendly fraud. If a transaction gets soft-declined in the preauthorization stage, your users are automatically prompted by support with instructions on how to validate the sale.

Adult Payment Gateway

EU Optimized

Businesses planning to expand to the EU market need to be aware of the essential set of rules and regulations they must adhere to for processing EU consumer sales. Only an adult payment processor who is up to date with ever-changing EU legislative can guarantee your full compliance.

3D Secure

3D Secure

Provide EU buyers with required 3D Secure authentication protocol and frictionless flow for recurring billing, stay compliant and reduce risk of fraud and chargebacks.



Get full support for staying compliant under PSD2 regulations with 3D Secure 2.0 protocol, as it is mandatory for all EU based merchants.

No Cross Border Fees

No Cross-border Fees

Our decades-long relationship with local EU acquirers eliminates cross-border fees and provides higher authorization rates for increase in revenue.

Advanced Checkout Options

Payment forms should provide buyers with the ultimate checkout experience and be simple to integrate with your existing tech stack.

Hosted Payment Forms

Hosted Forms

FlexForms are the fastest path to start accepting online payments for your adult website. These user-friendly hosted forms are perfect solution for SMB merchants without developers, yet powerful enough to cater even to the biggest businesses. Creating forms and designing payment flows in a sandbox allows for thorough testing before going live.

Embedded Payment Forms

Embedded Forms

Embedded JavaScript forms offer an effortless implementation process. These forms have a simple layout with a minimum number of required fields and provide a discreet and user-friendly experience. Asking buyers only for the name on card, card number, expiration date and CVV significantly increases sales and conversion rates.

API Payment Forms

API Forms

API forms provide a full control of the payment process. With detailed technical documentation we empower your developers to create custom payment forms that perfectly align with your adult business model and the look and feel of your adult website.

Reach New Markets

Expand your reach and serve your customers wherever they are. Provide localized payment experience for higher conversions and sales.

Global and Local Payment Methods Global and Local Payment Methods

Global and Local
Payment Methods

Increase availability with US and EU local payment methods, including ACH, SEPA, GiroPay, and iDeal.


Drive higher conversions with diverse currency preferences. Display subscription prices in your preferred currency, auto-detect buyers' local currency, or offer multiple currency payment options.

Regional Pricing

Tailor your pricing strategy to specific regions. Set preferred regional pricing structure based on local market strength and currency exchange rates.

Growth Support

Set of marketing and traffic tools designed to empower your business with new opportunities.

Connecting Sales


Expand your product offerings by legally cross-selling the inventory of other adult content providers and boost your revenue.

Affiliate System

Affiliate System

Supercharge your business with our proprietary affiliate system. Merchants can setup affiliate revenue on a granular level and Affiliate Marketers can create as many different affiliate links as they need. Alternatively, you can easily integrate NATS affiliate system with your CCBill account.

CCBill Pay Logo

CCBill Pay

CCBill Pay is a proprietary card-on-file and ACH solution used by preapproved buyers who already made a purchase through FlexForms. This system ensures higher conversions, no chargebacks, and noticeable increase in subscription retention.

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