Business Models

When billing buyers with a variable monthly charge, conventional subscriptions and recurring billing solutions simply don't work. That’s why many business models require invoicing.

Telco Business Model


Mobile operators, hosting providers or cable television providers that offer postpaid, prepaid, pay-as-you go, or bundled plans can bill invoices using our online payment processing solution.

SaaS Business Model


Our online invoice billing system can support SEO tools, email providers, and other types of Software-as-a-Service solutions that usually charge customers based on usage, per-user licensing, or tiered plans.

ERP Business Model


CRM platforms, ERP solutions, or Marketing automation tools, offering per-seat licensing or module-based pricing, can leverage our solution to process payments for the invoices they issue.

Effective Payment for Invoices

The Dunning process encompasses the entire sequence from: issuing invoices, emailing them to customers, collecting payments, and, if delay occurs, notifying overdue buyers.

We provide assistance in the critical part of this process by facilitating payment collection and providing insights about which invoices have been settled and which ones have not.

Payment for Invoices

Invoice Billing Integrations

Charging your buyers per issued invoices doesn’t need to be a complicated task. Streamline the invoice payment process by seamlessly integrating our FlexForms or API Forms with your tech stack.

Hosted Payment Forms Invoice Billing


If you’re a merchant without a high number of issued invoices and are looking to get started quickly, hosted payment forms are the ideal solution.

FlexForms are hosted payment forms, with customizable UI components, that support the dynamic pricing necessary for the invoicing process.

In this scenario you can email a PDF to your buyer containing the invoice details and a payment link to a FlexForm. The FlexForm is prepopulated with the exact amount specified in the invoice.

Postback information, indicating the status of the invoice payment is then sent through the Webhooks system.

API Payment Forms Invoice Billing

API Forms

If you’re a merchant looking for a full invoice billing automation, you can leverage our API Forms. With complete control over the embedded form, custom billing amounts are easily accommodated.

These transactions flawlessly occur within your existing platform, eliminating the buyers’ need to ever navigate away.

Alternatively, you can opt for a similar solution by sending an email to your buyers containing a payment link that points to a payment page on your website.

This approach ultimately boosts conversion rates, ensures a smooth buyer experience, and avoids confusion.

Billing Support Invoice Payments

Billing Support

Our expert billing support team is available 24/7 and is specialized in helping with declined transactions. They will also assist your buyers with any other issues preventing them from paying the invoice. You can rest easy knowing you don't have to handle these tasks alone.

PCI DSS Compliance

PCI DSS is an industry standard that guarantees security of online payments.

Being PCI DSS Level 1 compliant, CCBill alleviates merchants’ need to meet these complex, costly, and time-consuming requirements on their own.

Regardless of whether you use our FlexForms or API Forms, sensitive personal and payment data is never stored on merchants’ server or infrastructure.


Invoice Payment Methods

Your customers are more likely to complete their invoice payments when presented with a variety of global and local payment methods.

Invoice Payment Methods Invoice Payment Methods

Invoice Payment Testimonial

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“As a global IT services provider, our clients need the ability to purchase and control their on-demand and physical resources on the fly with confidence. We chose to integrate CCBill into each of our proprietary phoenixNAP portals for payment processing and financial reporting. The CCBill platform allows us to offer our OpEx buyers the strongest security, coupled with seamless billing automation to reliably accept payments for our pay-per-use Bare Metal Cloud, in addition to our cloud, dedicated servers, colocation and Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions.”

-Ian McClarty, President, phoenixNAP

Ubersmith Integration



Thanks to the CCBill and Ubersmith integration, the invoice payment process is not only reliable and secure, but also effortless. Ubersmith easily integrates with our Dynamic Pricing feature, FlexForms, and Webhooks that fully automates the invoice billing process.

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Need Online Invoice Payment Processing? CCBill can help.