Payment Processing for Nearly
Any Industry

Trusted by top websites worldwide, our platform offers comprehensive payment processing solutions for nearly every type of industry, business model, and risk category today.

With over 25 years of experience in various industries we take care of the compliance and security heavy lifting so you can focus on business growth.

Supported Industries

Our industry specific payment solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of different business models, offering specialized features and integrations.

Payment Processing for Ecommerce


Sell digital or physical goods on your online store through a single merchant account and payment platform.

Payment Processing for High Risk Business

High Risk Business

CCBill supports over 90 high risk business models with dedicated underwriting, risk, and compliance teams.

Payment Processing for Live Cams

Live Cams

Monetize your broadcasted content and engage viewers while throttling transactions with velocity controls.

Payment Processing for Dating


Build a website or an app with integrated payments using one of our partners’ white label dating platforms.

Payment Processing for Adult Business

Adult Business

Offer digital products as an individual performer or a production studio or sell adult related tangibles.

Payment Processing for Streaming Media

Streaming Media

Provide unobtrusive subscription signups for videos on demand on your streaming platform.

Payment Processing for Billing and Invoicing

Billing & Invoicing

Integrate your accounting software with our automated online payment solution to simplify client billing and invoicing.

Payment Processing for Subscriptions

Subscription Processing

Monetize various subscription business models such as membership sites, pay-as-you-go, tiered plans, or per user seat.

Payment Processing for CBD


Sell CBD products online and in-store while ensuring compliance with all regulations, and without the risk of shutdown.

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How to Select the Right Payment Processor for Your Industry

Selecting the right payment processor for your business requires careful consideration of specific industry needs, compliance requirements, and regulations to ensure seamless payment processing.

Industry Experience

Industry-specific expertise and a proven track record of a payment processor is crucial for assigning the appropriate MCC, evaluating and managing risk factors, and providing effective merchant support services.


Ensuring transaction data security, regulatory compliance and consumer privacy is challenging for merchants. That’s why you should opt for a payment processor that does this heavy lifting for you.

Regulatory Knowledge

Regulatory legislative is defined by countries, local authorities, banks, card schemes, and dedicated financial institutions. Staying on top of this is not an easy task for merchants.

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