Select Your Subscription Business Model

Different subscription billing setup is necessary for each subscription business model. Your subscription payment processor should be able to support it out of the box, whether you have a simple membership website, pay-as-you-go hosting service, tiered plans for SaaS, or a mobile app paid per user seat.

  • Membership

    Fixed or flat rate pricing model for subscriptions

  • Pay as you go
    Pay As You Go

    Usage-based pricing model with recurring billing

  • Tiered

    Pricing plans based on feature sets or volume levels

  • Per User
    Per User

    Account or unit-based pricing model for subscriptions

Integrate With Your Tech Stack

Our robust API and ecosystem of integration partners ensure a smooth connection with your existing technology stack. We give you a flexible subscription billing platform to configure recurring payment flows, automate business processes, and achieve sales growth.

Robust API

Maintain full control of your customers’ experience:

  • Use your own payment forms in a mobile app or website
  • Manage transactions, discounts, upsells, and refunds
  • Handle your member subscriptions

Developer friendly features for subscription payments:

  • Leverage secure tokenization throughout the whole payment process
  • Well documented API integration for easy setup
  • GitHub repository with useful examples

An Ecosystem of Integration Partners

Or use built-in modules and plugins to easily connect with the vast ecosystem of our Integration Partners.


Accept The Right Payment Methods

By using a subscription payment provider, you can accept all your buyer’s preferred credit cards and payment types across all your selling channels and geos.

Online Payment Methods and Credit Cards

Maximize Recurring Payment Revenue

Extending customer lifetime value is one of the key goals for subscription-based businesses. The first step is to make sure each subscription is re-billed without any friction. The second step is to mitigate churn factors such as expired payment cards, lack of funds, and even cancelations. Your subscription payment processor should be equipped with the right tools and procedures for both of these steps.

It is not uncommon for rebills to fail. This can happen for many reasons.

The most common one is the lack of funds on a payment card. Others can include situations such as issuing a new payment card to the customer. This happens either because that the old card has expired or it has been canceled (e.g. got lost or stolen).

Having tools to automatically rebill customers in these situations allows you to accomplish more successful transactions. This directly increases customer retention and subsequently your recurring revenue streams.

In some cases, even with optimization tools, rebills could fail.

If a failed rebill cannot be retried, you can invite customers to reactivate their orders straight from the platform admin.

This way you can regain subscriptions canceled due to failed rebills. Also, you can invite members to reactivate orders once their subscriptions have expired. As a result, you’re effectively reducing subscriber churn and extending customer lifetime value.

Due to PSD2 regulation, EU-based cardholders need to authenticate their every transaction.

However, 3D Secure 2.0 protocol brings improvements to the authentication process by allowing the customer to complete the secure authentication only for new, initial purchases.

This frictionless flow provides a seamless buying experience for customers, without the need for additional authentication in future purchases such as rebills and one-off promotional sales.

As a bonus, you may see lower chargeback rates and a reduced number of fraudulent transactions.

Having flexibility over subscription billing is a necessity for many business owners.

The capability to extend a rebill period or the expiration date is allowing you to retain customers who planned to cancel a subscription, offer reimbursement for any downtime, or even reward your most loyal customers. Being able to apply this at a subscriber level is a sure path to customer satisfaction.

And we all know that customer satisfaction leads to customer retention.

Providing recurring and individual purchases together is critical for some subscription-based models.

This is how merchants can offer additional sales to their current base of subscribers, sometimes even right from the members’ area. For this to run smoothly, your subscription payment processor should support frictionless flow, i.e. one-click purchases without asking customers to re-enter billing info.

As one-click payments are a perfect extension to the subscription business model, by pairing them up you’re creating an opportunity for increased revenue.

Maximize Recurring Payment Revenue

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