Online Dating Merchant Account

Choosing a proper online dating merchant account means a quick start and no future volume limitations. Together with risk mitigation and low maintenance, it gives you more time to focus on growing your online dating business.

  • Ecommerce

    Fast Approval

    By simplifying and expediting the approval process, a skilled underwriting team will get you accepting payments in no time.

  • Mobile

    Easy Setup

    A dedicated merchant support team will ensure easy account setup and smooth onboarding, making sure the payment platform fulfills all your business needs.

  • POS Storefront

    Full Control

    Having full control of the payment flow while building simple web and in-app payment forms is essential for optimal consumer experience and high conversion rates.

  • Moto

    Effortless Integration

    Replace missing pieces with ‘building blocks’ provided by integration partners, including white label dating platforms, age verification solutions, affiliate systems, and other complementary solutions.

Build on White Label Dating Platforms

Identifying a specific dating niche is the first step in setting up any online dating business. The best practice for finding a profitable market fit is to quickly deploy and fine-tune your project by using white label dating platforms. Once settled with the audience, the next step is to easily integrate with payment and affiliate systems. Being agile through this process is the biggest value provided by white label dating platforms.


Integration with DatingPro ensures fast setup of dating websites and dating apps:

  • Turnkey solution for an online dating business
  • Responsive design works on any device
  • Web, iOS, Android, and Virtual Reality
  • 100% open-source code, fully customizable

What’s in it for you?

  • White label solution, suitable for any online dating niche
  • Professional online dating site and mobile apps
  • Full control over the payments and user data
  • Developer friendly support and documentation
Online Dating Business Model Datingpro

Get Traffic From Your Dating Niche

Payment Gateway For Dating Site

Once you have a dating website or app ready, the next step is to attract visitors from your dating niche. There are two common ways to acquire relevant traffic, through affiliate systems or referral partnerships.

A payment provider should be able to integrate an affiliate system that will work smoothly and get traffic from your dating niche, with conversion tracking and attribution being the key elements here.

Finally, ensure that your affiliate and referral traffic lands on a page that is tempting enough to initiate the conversion.

Provide Seamless Checkout Flow

Bring checkout abandonment down and meet user privacy expectations by keeping payment forms simple and integrating them within the website or app.

Frictionless flow based on 3DS 2.0 and PSD2 ensures that your returning buyers do not have to re-enter billing info for each subscription renewal.

Partnering up with a payment processor that can offer you full control on all these aspects will get you more rebills and higher conversion rates.

Online Dating Credit Card Processing

Online Dating Business Model Revenue Streams

As members start to sign up for a dating website or app, there is more than one way to monetize their engagement on the dating platform. Here are some of the most common online dating business models and revenue stream channels.


Monetize an online dating platform using its core attraction – matchmaking. Offer your buyers more matchmaking options for a price. These can include rematching with people that the user may have missed.

More in-depth matching options are also something that users are willing to pay for, like getting matched according to the same interests. Weeding out users with certain interests or no profile photos is also an option they will end up loving.


Use the messaging features as an additional revenue stream. Limiting messaging possibilities with potential matches can leave your users wanting more.

Some apps will allow only either men or women to message first. Allowing users to initiate conversation can be a real temptation and the one they would be ready to pay for. Other apps limit the number of messages users can exchange. This too can be a way to charge your members for some extra one-on-one time with their potential mate.

Virtual gifts

Allow users to showcase their softer side by sending a virtual rose, teddy bear, and even martini to a match.

These one-time purchases can help buyers “break the ice” with other users and show their interest. Members should be able to buy these quickly and easily, without the need to re-enter their billing information.

It is vital that your online dating payment provider can process such transactions, along with subscription billing.

Premium features

Merchants can also maximize revenue by offering premium features and plans to their buyers.

This can be achieved through ways such as boosting users’ profiles in searches, offering more matches, superlikes, unlimited swipe options, expanded targeting locations, and the ability to hide age or see when the other user is typing.

Members are always willing to pay more for love, especially if they are promised a better user experience and higher chances of getting a match.

How to Manage Online Dating Merchant Account

Managing an online dating merchant account includes handling the risk factors such as fraud and chargebacks, using the opportunities to optimize rebills and increase revenue through cross-sells and upsells.

While credit card chargebacks are a useful way to protect consumers from unauthorized transactions, they can be a major headache for business owners

Most chargeback disputes on dating platforms occur when members sign up for a free trial and then forget it involves recurring billing. This is especially the case when the initial trial extends beyond the normal 7 to 30 day time length.

For this reason, having a payment provider that offers 24/7 billing support and an easy way to cancel subscriptions is essential for any online dating merchant.

When talking about security, one must also consider fraud prevention. Unfortunately, it has become quite common for fraudsters to test stolen cards on dating websites and apps, with their free trial offers and large membership portfolios.

The way to avoid losses from such attempts is by choosing a payment processor that provides a powerful fraud protection system led by a dedicated team of infosec experts who can flag suspicious transactions, block potential threats, and minimize your exposure.

Subscription rebills might fail for various reasons and in these situations, it's vital to have tools and processes to overcome the obstacles.

Some of them include options to invite users to reactivate their premium dating plan, automatically rebill later if a lack of funds is reported initially, or handle rebills with an expired card on file.

Overall, this can strengthen your revenue streams and minimize customer churn.

Offering products or services from other merchants to your dating audience through cross-sell partnerships based on a revenue share model can bring additional income.

You can earn even more by upselling at the right time. During the checkout process, you can recommend a more expensive plan or one-time purchase items such as virtual gifts.

Implementing these strategies can lead to steady revenue growth.

Online Dating Merchant Account

Dating Industry Awards

Idate Awards Winner Best Payment System

For five years straight, CCBill has been recognized as the Best Payment System by the iDate Awards, the leading show for the online dating industry.

Being able to understand the needs of the ever-changing online dating market and serving online dating merchants has been our mission and privilege for over 20 years

Have an online dating project? CCBill can help you stand out.

Online Dating Business Explained

Understanding how online dating business works is crucial for meeting consumer expectations and building success for your dating website and app.

Learn How Online Dating Business Works

Different online dating business models require different revenue streams. Finding one that applies to your online dating business is a key to monetization success.

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