High Risk Industry Features
A dedicated staff of trained fraud specialists proactively address potential issues and work with you to further manage relevant risk factors.
An automated subscription billing system helps increase retention by providing buyers the convenience of a one-time sign up, followed by an automated billing plan, and custom cancellation and expiration emails with your promotion and upgrade messages.
Repsonsive payment forms, confirmations and receipts work on any device so you can reach a bigger audience, anywhere.
A complete affiliate and partner marketing system helps you find affiliates to drive more traffic to your sites, while our Merchant Connect traffic network empowers instant partner sales between CCBill merchants.
Exportable tracking reports help you understand members’ mindsets and determine possible pricing, recurring subscription and upsell opportunities.
Our around-the-clock, live billing support centers are yours to use. No costly building for you to maintain or staff, plus you get instant access to our friendly support staff for your customers.

High Risk with No Surprises

Unplanned compliance and regulatory changes can create a number of challenges for high risk businesses. Our payment processing platform minimizes the hurdles of working with banks and credit card associations by providing:

  • Proactive Regulatory Management
  • Active Risk Mitigation
  • Malicious and Friendly Fraud Protection
  • Flexible Website Compliance Support
  • Instant Billing and Password Support for Buyers

Payments Brief: CCBill for High Risk

Navigating the High Risk Marketplace: Safely and Securely

Learn how our secure payments services platform layers nimble regulatory support, proactive risk mitigation, fraud management, compliance expertise and discreet consumer privacy to protect your business, while building trust with your buyers.

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Clips on Demand

Success Story: Clips on Demand

“Having CCBill in our system immediately provides the stability and peace of mind to producers that offer clips, and the consumers that purchase them. They can rest assured knowing the payments portion of the system is good-to-go.”

-Alfonso Reyes, Clips on Demand

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Why CCBill for High Risk?

To help you reach new conversions and keep customers longer

Subscription Payments Engine

Keep Revenues Pouring In

Without Spending All Your Time Managing the Process
Automated subscription billing or recurring billing creates a perfect scenario where you can configure and automate how your customers make their payments, so you can spend your time managing the other important aspects of your business. Providing variable and flexible pricing options, as well as free trials, paid trials, recurring subscriptions and subscription management, our payment solution provides the most robust subscription automation in the industry today.

Before You Get Started

High Risk processing provides added protection for your online business, but the application process can be challenging. As High Risk specialists, we help navigate the complex application process on your behalf. To streamline the account boarding process, there are a few things, which we may request from you:

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The FlexForms Advantage

The FlexForms system has an abundance of easy-to-use features that are built to empower your business, allowing for a fully responsive and smart checkout process and intuitive purchase experience for your buyers.

Built to reassure consumers that they are making a safe and secure purchase, while automating your online business. FlexForms is the next evolution of payments, not just for your business today, but for all of your future business growth and payment system needs.

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High Risk Pricing

High Risk Processing Pricing

Complicated and new business models require multiple layers of compliance, fraud control, data protection and customer care. We have over 20 years of expertise and consumer trust processing high risk payments to better protect your business and your revenues.

*For Online Payment Service Solution (IPSP) accounts. Other factors could change your actual rate, including business location, transaction volume and processing history.

Not sure if your business is considered High Risk?