High Risk Merchant Account

Obtaining a high risk merchant account with the proper Merchant Category Code or MCC is the first step in high risk payment processing. Having the correct four-digit number assigned to an account results in both staying compliant and being charged with the right fees that correspond to the specified risk level.

  • Nearly All Business Types

    Supporting over 90 high risk business models implies that a payment processor can accommodate a majority of high risk merchants and their business goals.
  • All Merchant Sizes

    For startups, mid-sized companies, or enterprises alike. Established and diversified businesses can also leverage the use of multiple MIDs, with different risk levels, through a single payment gateway.
  • No Min or Max Volumes

    No set limits on maximum and minimum transactions helps support business growth at any stage of development.
  • Fast Approval

    The application approval process should be fast, simple, and most importantly permanent. A qualified underwriting team evaluates a high risk merchant account application & makes sure it meets the risk standards before it’s approved. Having the right support at this stage assures an account or funds will not be frozen once payment processing begins.
  • Easy Onboarding

    Having a dedicated team of professionals to assist every step of the merchant onboarding process, a high risk merchant is guaranteed to meet the legal, risk, compliance, content, security & technical requirements that are set by the payment industry.

Not sure if your business is considered High Risk?

High Risk Merchant Services

A high risk merchant account should be provided with all the tools and support to solidify the smooth running of the business’ operations.

All that remains is to focus on what is important - maximizing revenue.

With a dedicated merchant support team at your disposal 24/7 through email, phone, or live chat, you will always have account assistance and help with integrations, while keeping up with essential updates.

Reliable billing support which is available 24/7 reduces the risk of chargebacks. Assisting customers in 288 languages ensures that there is nothing lost in translation.

Above-industry-standard relationships with acquiring banks, credit card schemes & associations offers the best guarantee for a high risk merchant to stay compliant under any regulatory changes.

A committed team of skilled fraud specialists proactively addresses potential issues and further manages to alleviate relevant risk factors. Years of experience help reduce the chances of unwelcome surprises.

Cutting-edge fraud scrubbing system can identify and analyze malicious as well as friendly fraud attempts. Each transaction is checked for hundreds of potential issues before payment information is sent to credit card associations and banks.

The combination of 3D Secure and billing support creates multi-layer chargeback protection for any high risk business. The additional consumer verification makes sure chargeback rates stay low while, billing support provides for easy cancellation of any subscription or transaction.

Lower processing costs while continuing to drive revenue by setting up surcharges. Know that you are in good hands while staying compliant with all the surcharging rules and regulations.

Bad actors are automatically blocked by blacklisting their transactions. With the assistance of a merchant support team, manual update of blacklisting rules is possible to approve specific transactions.

High Risk Merchant Account Services


BBB A+ Rating CCBill

We take our role in supporting your high risk business very seriously. That is why we believe our A+ Better Business Bureau rating testifies to our commitment to provide your buyers with the best experience possible when purchasing from you.

Developer Friendly

Providing an outstanding developer experience by a high risk payment processor is the best guarantee that billing implementation will be carried out promptly and without having an adverse effect on business operations or customer experience.

  • Robust API
    Robust API

    Well-developed and fully documented API ensures smooth integration with your existing technology stack.

  • GitHub Repository

    GitHub repositories with code examples, guides, and plug-ins for integration with the most popular ecommerce platforms and shopping carts.

  • Product Documentation

    Comprehensive product documentation with a detailed overview of our payment platform features, including the most common business scenarios and payment flows.

  • Flexforms Responsive Payment Forms

    Responsive payment forms are designed to provide a quick & easy start for entrepreneurs and small-business owners without in-house developers.


With new regulations always developing and often being updated, it’s important to stay on the safe side. Using a high risk payment processor that can keep up with the changes, meet compliance requirements and maintain excellent relationships with banks, ensures your business is a step ahead of the others.

PCI DSS Level 1

PCI DSS Level 1

PCI DSS Level 1 is the highest level of security standard, and it is awarded to a payment provider processing more than 6 million transactions per year.

Keeping buyer's information safe is vital. Partnering with a PCI-compliant payment processor that specializes in the high risk industry gives high risk merchants a secure payment infrastructure that complies with international standards.

3D Secure

3D Secure

3D Secure is a framework for online credit and debit card verification. This includes Verified by Visa, & MasterCard SecureCode which provide an additional layer of security for both merchants and their buyers.

3D Secure is implemented on FlexForms and through an API to help lower chargeback rates for all purchases performed by EU-based cardholders.



PSD2, also known as 3D Secure 2 protocol, is a verification method used to confirm that an online card transaction is initiated by the cardholder. The 3DS 2 protocol is supported through CCBill Pay, FlexForms, and API implementation for card-on-file transactions & subscriptions. This allows merchants to provide their buyers with a secure & frictionless payment flow.

Payment Methods

Online Payment Methods and Credit Cards Online Payment Methods and Credit Cards

The perfect European fit comes equipped with DirectPayEu and SEPA EU Debit allowing consumers in 32+ EU countries to make purchases using their banking account information, for easy cashless payment. FlexForms and API-integrated payment forms have a built-in ability to detect the geolocation of the consumer and present them with local payment methods in their currency.