Expand to Additional Sales Channels

Including additional sales channels can be challenging, but with an omni channel payment provider it is a hustle-free experience. No matter the scenario, expanding to digital or physical channels, you’d need a single solution to monitor and control your sales.

  • Ecommerce

    Reach your buyers on your Online shop or Ecommerce store

  • Mobile

    Allow your buyers to pay with their smartphones

  • POS Storefront

    Start selling in your brick and mortar retail stores with POS terminals

  • Moto

    Charge for your products and services in your mobile app

Integrate With Your Tech Stack

Our robust API and ecosystem of integration partners ensure a smooth connection with your existing technology stack. We give you tools to consolidate multiple sales channels and payment methods while streamlining your invoicing, accounting, and reporting processes.

Robust API

Maintain full control of your customers’ experience:

  • Use your own payment forms in a mobile app or ecommerce store
  • Manage transactions, discounts, upsells, and refunds
  • Handle your member subscriptions

Developer friendly features for omni channel payments:

  • Leverage secure tokenization throughout the whole payment process
  • Well documented API integration for easy setup
  • GitHub repository with useful examples

An Ecosystem of Integration Partners

Or use built-in modules and plugins to easily connect with the vast ecosystem of our Integration Partners.


Accept The Right Payment Methods

By using an omnichannel payment provider, you can accept all your buyer’s preferred credit cards and payment types across all your selling channels and geos.

Online Payment Methods and Credit Cards

Provide Omnichannel Customer Experience

Omni channel payments are just one piece of the puzzle. Modern buyers expect improved convenience and better customer experience. You can only deliver this by using omnichannel payment solutions.

Buyers usually start their purchase by researching and ordering online.

By offering them an option to buy online and pick up in store (BOPIS), you are meeting their expectations on many levels.

BOPIS or click-and-collect gained its popularity by giving buyers the insurance that the ordered product would be in stock. Another advantage is the convenience of online shopping matched only by no shipping fees and ecommerce discounts. Delivery time is also a factor since with BOPIS you can usually pick up your order on the same day.

Ship from store is actually a fulfillment process that makes your brick and mortar store become a distribution hub.

This approach has several advantages. Merchants can maximize full-price selling and minimize markdowns caused by seasonality and demand by shipping from the optimally located store rather than from the distribution center. In this way, retailers can also minimize inventory costs by allowing stores to hold less stock. Not to mention your online buyers would never again be frustrated with out-of-stock messages.

To really make a ship from home work, you have to obtain full and real-time visibility of your inventory across all channels.

Personalizing the shopping experience is a data-driven marketing automation effort.

As you collect data about user behavior across different channels, you can use that information to give them a fully personalized experience on the channel they are currently at. This approach is not limited only to marketing and sales, it also applies to customer services.

Personalizing the shopping experience is proven to enhance overall buyers’ satisfaction and your business baseline.

Buyers today interact with your business in a myriad of touchpoints.

You are engaging with them on many devices and at various physical locations. The main challenge here is to integrate and coordinate those actions across all sales channels.

This is a must if you want to achieve a consistent brand experience.

Loyalty programs are now tightly integrated with customer experience across all channels.

Buyers can be rewarded not only for purchases but for many other actions. This includes writing product reviews, giving feedback, participating in polls and contests, promoting you on social media, sending a referral, or making your brand visible in everyday activities.

Unifying all these actions into a single loyalty program is almost mission impossible when dealing with multiple payment processors.

Omnichannel Customer Experiencee

Useful Omnichannel Resources

Omni channel payment processing can be a complex topic. Use our diverse resources to get a full grasp on how to get the most out of omnichannel payments for merchants.

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