Error Codes

CCBill RESTful API Error Codes

HTTP Status CodeHTTP Status TypeError CodeError Message
400Bad Request100100Invalid client account.
400Bad Request100102Expired payment token.
400Bad Request100105Invalid payout type.
400Bad Request100106Invalid privacy type.
400Bad Request100107Invalid program category.
400Bad Request100108Invalid payment type.
400Bad Request100109Invalid program participation.
400Bad Request200000Problem with attribute size.
400Bad Request200000Attribute required.
400Bad Request200000Problem with the attribute values.
400Bad Request200000Invalid credit card number.
400Bad Request200000Invalid email address.
400Bad Request200000Invalid Client Accnum.
400Bad Request200000Invalid Client Subacc.
400Bad Request200000Invalid Subscription ID.
400Bad Request200000Invalid Target Client Accnum.
400Bad Request200000Invalid Target Client Subacc.
400Bad Request200000Invalid Program Participation ID.
400Bad Request200000Too many programs found between merchants.
400Bad Request200000Program does not exist between merchants.
400Bad Request200000Program is Inactive.
400Bad Request200000Invalid Token.
400Bad Request200000Customer and Payment Information required for zero Subscription ID.
400Bad Request200000Invalid 3DS Cavv.
400Bad Request200000Invalid 3DS Cavv Algorithm.
400Bad Request200000Invalid 3DS Xid.
400Bad Request200000Invalid 3DS Ds Trans Id.
400Bad Request200000Invalid 3DS Acs Trans Id.
400Bad Request200000Threeds request parameters need to contain either 3DS verification parameters or error parameters to be valid.
400Bad Request200000Problem with attribute digit format.
400Bad Request200000Problem with data type.
400Bad Request200000Invalid Program ID.
400Bad Request200000Invalid date range.
404Not Found100101Invalid payment token.
404Not Found100104Lookup Object Not Found.
500Internal Server Error100103Transaction error.
500Internal Server Error100105Unable to complete the transaction required to create a payment token.
500Internal Server Error100106There was an internal error, or a database error and the requested action could not be completed, or Data Link is inactive for user.
500Internal Server Error100107The IP address the client was attempting to authenticate on was not in the valid range.
500Internal Server Error100108The client's account has been deactivated for use on the Datalink system or the client is not permitted to perform the requested action.
500Internal Server Error100109The client has unsuccessfully logged into the system 3 or more times in the last hour. The client should wait an hour before attempting to login again and is advised to review the login information.
500Internal Server Error100110Throttled, number of transactions has reached limit.
500Internal Server Error100111Throttled, total money amount has reached the limit.
500Internal Server Error100112Unable to determine if 3DS is required.
500Internal Server Error100113Unable to retrieve authorized amount.

3DS Authentication Error Codes

HTTP Status CodeHTTP Status TypeError CodeError Message
500Internal Server Error200000Authorization Failed due to Unknown Issue.
500Internal Server Error200001Authorization Failed due to Unexpected Response from Third Party SCA.
500Internal Server Error200400Authorization Failed due to Bad Request to Third Party SCA.
500Internal Server Error200401Authorization Failed due to Unauthorized Request to Third Party SCA.
500Internal Server Error200500Failed to Authenticate Transaction.
500Internal Server Error200501API failed to parse JSON.
400Bad Request200502Payment token does not exist.
400Bad Request200503No card associated with payment token.
500Internal Server Error200600Failed to Retrieve Status.
500Internal Server Error200601API failed to Parse JSON.
404Bad Request200602Transaction ID Not Found.
400Bad Request200603Validation Error Transaction ID not valid UUID.
400Bad Request200604Validation Error Correlation Id not valid UUID.
400Bad Request200605Validation Error Transaction Updated Format not YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss zzz.