Why Do I Have a CCBill.com or CCBillEU Charge on My Bank or Card Statement?

If you see a CCBill.com or CCBillEU charge on your card statement, it is most likely that you have recently signed up for (or attempted to sign up for) an online service. All subscription purchases through CCBill will appear discretely as CCBill.com or CCBillEU along with a toll-free customer support phone number for any questions or concerns. On the CCBill sign-up page you will find the exact item descriptor that will appear on your statement for the particular website you are purchasing membership to.

I have reason to believe that the charge was fraudulent

Here at CCBill, we take fraudulent transactions very seriously and do our utmost best to prevent anyone from abusing your credit card. However, the unfortunate reality is that we cannot catch them all. If you have reason to believe that there have been fraudulent transaction on your payment card, please contact CCBill Consumer Support at 888.596.9279 immediately so that we can investigate the charge and take the necessary steps so as to prevent any further charges from processing. For security purposes and to protect your privacy, we will need you to verify your identity as an account holder and to confirm your billing information.

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