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Automated Subscription Billing

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Keep revenues pouring in and don't spend a lot of time managing the process with CCBill's automated subscription billing. By configuring and automating how your consumers make payments, less of your attention is taken by manual renewal processes, allowing you to focus more on managing all aspects of your business.

There is certainly less administrative effort required with automated recurring billing, which subsequently can also decrease chances of human errors during a renewal or rebill process, and provide a more streamlined and user-friendly experience for your consumers. In fact, CCBill has specialized in recurring billing for more than 10 years and has the systems in place to maximize throughput, increase revenues, and seamlessly rebill your consumers.

Moreover, automated subscription billing enables you to set the frequency at which rebills occur, and it integrates seamlessly with all other CCBill platforms including fraud management systems, real-time reporting tools, and affiliate programs.

Automated subscription billing supports:

  • Flexible pricing options
  • Multiple payment types (credit cards, ACH electronic checks)
  • Merchant-defined settings
    • Free trial periods, paid trials, rebill frequency
  • Consumer-initiated reactivation on failed renewals
  • Tiered subscription models

Receive results
Operational benefits notwithstanding, CCBill's automated subscription billing also can help increase member retention, establish more predictable revenue streams, and lower the overall cost of sales for your business, simply through its automation functionalities. Consumers receive the convenience of a one-time sign up followed by an automated billing plan, while you receive steady recurring revenues.

And through customizable communications tools, you can tailor cancellation or expiration e-mails with messages about promotions or upgrades.

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