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Single Billing Solutions

Billing flexibility

Every business is different and the payment processing solution each one utilizes must take that into account. CCBill has it covered. Automated subscription billing is great for taking recurring payments from consumers and members, whereas single billing is great for taking one-time payment transactions. The question becomes, why would you want to have both options available, and not one or the other?

Consumer preference

Often times, consumers may be more inclined to pay for a service, membership or product in one total amount, rather than a smaller amount that is recurring or requires them to keep track of any applicable dates of valid membership. By enabling you to select how you want to bill consumers, CCBill does not interfere with or mandate your payment processing configuration.

You are not limited to recurring billing only. Nor are you limited to single billing or to a specified timeframe for how long a membership or subscription from a one-time purchase can last. Those decisions are yours to make. After all, you know your consumers best, and through offering them different billing options, you can gain more of their trust and, in turn, increase sales.

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