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Developing a network

The CCBill Affiliate System is a tried-and-true toolset that is highly capable of helping you build an affiliate network. From within the CCBill Admin Portal, you can configure your affiliate program any number of ways to increase traffic and sales, and keep your affiliates in the loop through various reports and features.

An effective referral program management tool, the system offers you the flexibility to maximize the revenue potential of your referrals, while tracking every referral initiated from each affiliate.

CCBill Affiliate System

The Affiliate System also includes comprehensive reporting for both you and your affiliates. Web traffic, sales, and revenues can be analyzed as needed to maximize your referral program. Additionally, several tools designed to help you sign up new affiliates or communicate with existing affiliates are available within the system.

To learn more about the CCBill Affiliate System, view the online Help documentation and Users Guide.

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