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Automated authentication

After you have made a sale, the last thing you want is to force your consumer to go through some unwieldy sign-in process to access your services or products. With CCBill, this isn't an issue. Full authentication system maintenance services automatically grant and effectively control consumer access. As soon as a payment is authorized, a login username and password are issued by the system. Plus, whenever a subscription or membership renews, cancels, or expires, the system notifies the consumer so you can spend more time and resources developing and growing your business.

Password management

Setting up viable usernames and passwords for your site can also be accomplished through the CCBill system. You can choose how they are assigned based on the following options:

  • Consumer-defined: consumers choose their own username and password
  • Stored: usernames and passwords are distributed via a library you upload to the system
  • Random: usernames and passwords are generated by the system

Regardless of which option you want to use for your business, the CCBill access management tools help improve security through the enforcement of password policy options you determine.

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