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Payment Processing Services

Simplifying the process

A big part of capturing online sales involves convenience. Does the site visitor have a selection of payment methods from which to choose? Are there options available for international payments? Is the buying experience intuitive for site visitors coming from different geographic regions and countries? With CCBill online payment processing and our new stored payment service CCBill Pay, the answers are all yes. Our comprehensive ecommerce platform enables you to offer more options for international consumers and significantly improve the buying experience on your site.

All major credit cards from around the globe are accepted forms of payment. Furthermore, consumers can pay by electronic check or Direct Debit solutions. CCBill's international payment options include specifically designed debit services for Europe with multiple currencies and multilingual payment forms that help ensure consumer confidence.

With our dynamic FlexForms system, you can offer all payment options on one form and easily set up our all-in-one, customizable, self-service platform. Linking separately to credit cards, to online checks, EU Debit/SEPA, or DirectPayEU payment methods is not necessary. This saves you time and resources. To further help improve the buying experience on your website, FlexForms makes CCBill Pay instantly available on all your payment forms. As a stored payments option for your buyers, CCBill Pay makes it safer and easier for consumers to buy on your website, thus helping you increase conversion rates on your forms and driving more sales.

Continuing to improve upon the consumer experience, our Web Verify tool informs declined consumers as to why their attempted transaction was unsuccessful and provides them with additional information, as well as the opportunity to complete their purchase successfully.

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Functionality meets administration

Consumer experience aside, a payment processing service also must sufficiently meet the managerial and operational needs of the businesses that use it. Driving sales is great as long as there are corresponding administrative tools in place to support it which can easily be implemented by any sized operation.

Thanks to CCBill's large assortment of complimentary tools, integrating and customizing anything from regional pricing to electronic invoicing is easily accomplished. And the user-friendly CCBill Admin Portal is your one-stop shop for managing transactions, configuring account settings, viewing reports, and more. CCBill also uses processing servers that are globally load balanced to ensure platform stability.

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