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Advanced Payment Processing with FlexForms

Customizable and dynamic payment flows system to drive sales

Having control over your business is important. Reaching new markets and consumers is essential. With consumers constantly evolving, so must the tools made available to you by your payments processor. In order for you to evolve along with your consumers’ habits and preferences, the tools must be simple to use. They also must be streamlined and easily tailored to help you conserve resources, maintain control of your brand and processes, conduct smarter business, and instantly expand.  FlexForms does all of this and more.

The FlexForms advantage

FlexForms is the next wave in payment processing. This dynamic way of setting up streamlined payment flows allows you to create custom cascades, route traffic, control design and branding, conduct various forms of testing, institute better promotions – and reach a larger, savvier group of buyers. As a customizable billing solution with a simple drag-and-drop process, international payments, promotional features and custom integrations are optimized,  thus allowing for a better process and purchase experience.

Features include:

  • All payment options on one form - now you don't need to link to credit card, debit cards, online checks, EU Debit/SEPA, and DirectPayEU payment methods separately. We include all your accepted payment options on one form.
  • WebWidget - linking code for your website that directs your consumer to the payment form. You can make changes to your configuration in our admin system without having to update your website.
  • AB testing - test out any combination of a FlexForms payment form, a legacy CCBill payment form, or even a payment form from an alternate processor through one link.
  • Responsive forms - take payments from any location and any device, which will be viewable the way the consumer chooses. Use one link for all of your traffic, whether it's desktop, tablet, or mobile.
  • Multiple language, image and URL inventories – create your own inventory of branding images and directional URLs for instant customization of your forms for any look or any offer.
  • Trusted CCBill brand and support – reassure your consumers that they are making a safe and reliable purchase.
  • CCBill Pay – CCBill buyers can log in and pay on your website from any device with the buying information they store in CCBill Pay. It is a secure, seamless and fast way to grow your business, using the trust that consumers have in CCBill.

Easily Customizable Workflows

This self-service system uses one link, includes all payment options, is instantly customizable, globally responsive, allows for A│B testing for any form and any biller, and includes customer payment cascades to shape your payment methods to your business' needs.  With FlexForms, you don’t need to be a pro in order to set up a highly controlled and designed flow – but it will still work with expert integrations as well. And you can even integrate Google Analytics and Google AdWords for optimal payment tracking, which can help you tailor your payment flows in order to generate more sales. Promotional offerings are easily customizable and instantly published. Managing relationships is made easy in the admin too, as FlexForms allows for self-service, helping to quickly offer more options to your buyers.

Sandbox Testing

With FlexForm’s sandbox, you are able to change your flows before publishing them. You can easily test and instantly customize flows from a safe, private admin area – without needing to update and change the code on your website each time. By modifying payment links in the admin, you are able to view the forms before actually making them live. You are able to apply and test promotions with a simple approval process and minimal assistance, if at all, thus allowing you to use with your flows immediately.

Multi-language Options

To make managing payments between your website and CCBill even easier, the WebWidget included in FlexForms is an active button you can embed on your website that autosenses language of the buyer, and is controlled from within the admin. Change the payment flows, offers, even forms – and the WebWidget reflects only what you want to display with the trusted CCBill name. The consumer experience provided by FlexForms is nothing like traditional basic forms and poised to help your business drive results.

CCBill Pay

Instantly available with FlexForms, CCBill Pay offers your buyers a stored payments service that is secure, simple and fast. CCBill Pay consumers just log in and pay. Providing convenience is a key to enhancing sales, and CCBill Pay makes buying from your website easy.

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