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International Payment Processing Services

Be where your consumers are

It’s a global economy and your payment processing solution needs to reflect that. Tools that help you generate revenue regardless of where it is coming from are paramount to the success of your business, and CCBill's international payment options will keep those global consumers coming to your site.

The worldwide market of buyers can be yours to reach instantly, with regional pricing, intelligent forms that sense location and language, international currencies, and tracking options specifically set up for taking European payments. FlexForms provides access to more consumers in more locations on more devices and offers a full set of easy-to-implement features to let you customize your payment flow in a matter of minutes. Streamline the purchasing process on your website by tailoring your forms to your business and leveraging the dynamic selection of consumer payment types provides a local purchase experience for global buyers with THEIR choice of payment type.

International Processing Services

Creating a global presence

To truly capture global market share, you need to be speaking a common language and dealing in common currencies. The broad range of international processing tools you get with CCBill ensures this isn’t a problem.

  • Multilingual content: order pages, online consumer support, consumer e-mails in 14 different languages
  • International currencies: U.S. Dollar, Euro, British Pound Sterling, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Japanese Yen
  • Global payment types: Global payment types: Maestro, Carte Bleu, Delta Visa, JCB, Visa Electron, Diners Club, ACH electronic checks, iDeal, GiroPay, EU Debit, and DirectPayEU.

Generating international revenues

Reaching worldwide consumers is one thing, but helping you make the most of all opportunities is another. CCBill’s intelligent forms, regional pricing and currency conversion tools work cohesively to not only promote your site across the globe, but to maximize your revenue potential from international payments.

Payment forms are automatically translated to appear in the consumers’ language and reflect the consumers’ native currency. The regional pricing option empowers you to set individual prices for different areas based on the difference between daily exchange rates and your base price, or a fixed amount you set, to set a custom conversion rate defined by you. You can even use the CCBill recommended conversion rate in our system to optimize your return per region. Personalizing currency conversions by rounding up or rounding down to presents your consumers with a user-friendly price rather than a conspicuously converted figure. Easy to use and manage, the FlexForms platform increases the opportunities offered by traditional payment forms. Coupled with the CCBill’s proprietary, stored payments service CCBill Pay, FlexForms lets you instantly expand your reach into markets to meet the needs and preferences of global buyers and subscribers.

DirectPayEU and EU Debit solutions help drive consumer acceptance of your site within those regions. Many areas of the world do not feature the levels of consumer credit card usage of the United States, and CCBill's solutions help you reach those consumers, rather than forfeit any chance to capture sales from them.

Due to SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area), CCBill has increased its European Direct Debit Solution. This unveiling creates opportunities for merchants to conduct transactions in an additional 33 countries, while offering a payment type European consumers are comfortable using. CCBill’s European Direct Debit Solution offers new growth possibilities, easy cashless payments, increased global transaction processing, enhanced banking efficiency, and an easy shopper experience.

Managing your international payments

CardsByCountry, part of our Web Validate tool, empowers you to manage your international business and comply with changing government regulations for payment acceptance, such as the ATVOD requirements in the United Kingdom. With Web Validate, you are able to create rules around which transactions are approved in any way you see as beneficial to your business. Additionally, you are able to support your own age verification protocols by region - thus using this tool as an added layer of fraud protection and regulation compliance. This flexible feature helps you actively manage your online business to consumers on a local level, while still operating on a global basis.


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