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Merchant Connect:
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Similar to an affiliate model, our Merchant Connect lets you find other merchants with which to partner and do business. However, it does so in a very innovative way. Through its simple-to-use online interface, Merchant Connect presents these other businesses to you from right within the Admin Portal. You can quickly see merchants that have automatic revenue sharing programs, pay-per-sale programs, or other programs with custom compensation models … that you can join! Additionally, you can offer programs yourself that others can join.

We track the sales, manage the traffic and can even settle payouts, so you can stay focused on running your business.

Put simply, Merchant Connect is a network of business sites that choose to do business together easily, legally and automatically.

CCBill offers easy access for your business to capture new sales from partners and other programs via one-clicks within Merchant Connect.

Merchant Connect includes support for cross-sales, up-sales, upgrades, add-ons and partners with a simple and secure purchase process – thus increasing revenue. This marketplace empowers your business to reach new markets and consumers. As one of the few payment processors promoting the connection between merchants, CCBill helps you expand product offers and partner with other merchants. We support more business between more merchants for the bottom-line result of more sales.

By providing one-click purchase tools, Merchant Connect eases the consumer experience. Without needing to re-enter payment information, making new purchases from different merchants becomes more efficient for consumers, thus helping conversion rates. CCBill’s variety of technology solutions makes the broadening of product offerings manageable and allows for you to increase traffic and revenue for yourself and your affiliates.

Why join the network?

  • Legal cross-sales to instantly expand sales opportunities
  • CCBill’s proven tracking systems for revenue and traffic sharing
  • Simplified integration process
  • Warm sales opportunities using your already comfortable membership base
  • Instant diversification of your product offering
  • Live cams, membership, dating and hard goods sales added with the click of a button

Features include:

  • Searchable program listing. All available Merchant Connect partners will be visible to all merchants, including program details. From this list you can quickly select the program(s) you’re interested in partnering with and join immediately.
  • Flexible and reliable accounting. Whether it’s pay-per-sale or revshare, Merchant Connect lets you set your payout process.
  • Simplified integration process. Merchant Connect comes with a pre-built script to handle the affiliate merchant functions. Spend less time integrating and more time making money.
  • Cross-sell without re-entering payment information. Expand on the success of our cross-sale system to add promotional sales to your site as a post-sale tool. Eliminate the need to enter payment information again, so your consumers can get what they want without delay.
  • Easily add related products to your site. Work with already established partners to add a tangible item, service, or other type of product for your members. Reap the benefits of add-on purchases without taking on the overhead or workload for a solution you aren’t familiar with.
  • Automate the purchase process. Once configured you can let the feature run itself. Receive automated notifications when purchases happen and get notified if program settings change. Spend more time growing your business and less time worrying about your partner setups.

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