For what reasons would CCBill decline my purchase?

The following are common error messages you might receive if CCBill has declined your credit card purchase:

  • Multiple Submission Attempts: You are being declined due to a series of recent attempted transactions using CCBill. This block might continue for up to 30 days from your last attempted transaction.
  • Bank Bin# Blocked: We currently do not process transactions from banks within this region due to the possibility of high-risk chargeback disputes.
  • Card Declined at Pre-Authorization: This credit card has been rejected. It is considered high-risk based on address verification, usage patterns and history. A history of chargeback disputes and refund requests does result in a credit card being blocked for many Internet sales.
  • Invalid Fields: A card number or type of card that is not supported or other invalid information has been submitted.

Have you received an email that reads “Follow up to your declined CCBill Purchase?

We apologize for this convenience, but as one of the leading online payment processors in the world, CCBill is dedicated to protecting our customers against possible fraudulent charges. In many cases, our representatives are able to override these declined transactions within a short time frame from the attempt, however, this is not true in all cases.

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