71lb Integration Partner
71lbs helps businesses optimize shipping spend. Solutions in late delivery refunds, invoice auditing, and lost and damaged to manage supply-chain expenses.

71lbs Company Overview

71lbs was founded by a previous FedEx executive with 20 years experience in shipping, ecommerce, and logistics. 71lbs is a high powered software solution that looks beyond shipping and utilizes industry insights to provide instant savings. 71lbs is the easiest, most convenient way for businesses to collect their due FedEx and UPS shipping refunds. Our mission is to help democratize shipments and logistics for small and medium sized companies.

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Top Reasons for Using 71lbs Integration

  • Reduce Shipping Expenses
    Help businesses reduce shipping expenses
  • Provide Shipping Analytics
    Provide shipping analytics to help businesses make better decisions and negotiate contracts with their carriers
  • Partnership Network
    Connect with solutions pertinent to the business through partnership network

Key Benefits

  • Fully automated system monitors FedEx/UPS shipping accounts for late deliveries, invoice errors and lost or damaged packages.
  • Our system automatically files any refund claim on the businesses behalf 71lbs. has a team dedicated to ensuring approved refunds are credited to their shipping account.
  • There is no cost to sign up, no monthly dues, no contributions. Our service is contingency based.

How to Setup Integration With 71lbs

71lbs is the easiest and most convenient way for businesses to collect their due FedEx and UPS shipping refunds. To sign up: 1) Verify online billing with shipping carrier 2) Create account online at www.71lbs.com by providing FedEx and/or UPS username and password credential 3) See refunds credited directly to shipping account 4) Receive monthly invoice for a portion of the refunds already credited to the account.

How it Works

71lbs Integration Support

71lbs is dedicated to supporting our partners as follows:

1) Collaborate on marketing initiatives i.e email campaigns, blogs, newsletters, webinars, promotions/ads, incorporation in sign-up process
2) Participate together on customer calls
3) Follow-up on email introductions to referrals
4) Contact prospective referrals directly through list sharing partner.

71lbs Support URL

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