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Bunny CMS is the ideal choice for managing a network of membership sites or a single subscription website. It combines custom code flexibility with CMS benefits like ready-made solutions, integrations, and quick deployment.

Bunny CMS Company Overview

Since 2011, our team has developed a comprehensive CMS for adult pay and subscription sites.

We handle all technical tasks: server setup, CMS deployment, configurations, integrations, and custom design. This is all included in the price. On top of that, we regularly update your product.

Focus on your business growth and forget about the technical details. You can request any custom features directly from us, no need for freelancers.

Our goal is to ensure client satisfaction and business success.

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Top Reasons for Using Bunny CMS Integration

  • Bunny CMS Admin
    Convenient, modern, and intuitive admin system
  • Bunny CMS Affiliate Partners
    Affiliate, Webmaster, and ViewShare systems to facilitate collaboration with client partners
  • Bunny CMS Seo Social Media
    SEO-optimized and fully integrable with social networks, messengers, and any platforms based on client’s desire

Key Benefits

  • Full service included in the price.
  • Custom features available upon client request.
  • The flexibility of custom coding combined with CMS efficiency.
  • Cutting-edge technology that is always updated.
  • Capable of both horizontal and vertical scaling.

How to Setup CCBill Integration With Bunny CMS

To get started you will need to contact us via the form on our website and provide details about your site(s): Is it a single site or a network? What type of content will you host? What integrations are required?

Initially, you will need a VPS or Dedicated server with root access, a domain with DNS settings access, an SSL Certificate, Mailgun, and a payment account.

We need next params to setup CCBill:

  • FlexForm ID
  • Each Price ID
  • Account Number (e.g., 951908-****)
  • Datalink URL with username, password, and IP correctly set in the CCBill admin panel
  • Test account for a test sale (email and correct IP)
Please check our detailed instructions how to setup CCBill account by this link:

How it Works

Bunny CMS Integration Support

New clients can reach us through the form available on our website. Existing clients can contact us via email, phone, or WhatsApp for emergency support. Our support team is available 24/7, with a response time of one hour. On average, issues are resolved within the next hour of our reply.

Bunny CMS Support URL

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