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DigiRegs is the secure provider of digital content regulation, through sophisticated identification, removal, and management of content. We protect content producers online and protect websites from legal pitfalls of not regulating copyrights.

DigiRegs Company Overview

DigiRegs is a Copyright protection tool. It allows us to scan any file, either manually or by use of our proprietary spider & create a unique, digital ‘fingerprint’ of the file. We can then scan any website(s) & identify (with 98% accuracy) any piece of content longer than 10 seconds that is linked to the original file. Letting us work with Copyright holders in a cooperative manner to clearly identify & stop any unauthorized use of their material. also offers competitive analysis for Publishers. Our spider can scrape & index 100% of one tube site vs another & accurately tell them which pieces of content one websites has vs. another, including pull descriptions for each of these pieces of content, views, & length.

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Top Reasons for Using DigiRegs Integration

  • Copyright Protection
    Copyright protection
  • Legal Due Diligence
    Legal due diligence
  • Online Advertising
    Online Advertising

Key Benefits

  • Digital Rights Management
  • Metadata Analytics
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Share Development

How to Setup Integration With DigiRegs

Opening up the communication barriers from producers to publishers by fostering symbiotic relationships through the use of hallmark technology. We are setting new industry standards in content management and advertising opportunities.


DigiRegs Integration Support

DegiRegs has teamed up with TrafficHaus to provide a complete advertising platform for growing your business.

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