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VerifyMyContent is an age verification provider suited for all types of age-restricted policies. They are also armed with numerous partnerships and integrations to provide diverse regulatory and ethical requirements for nearly all online experiences. VerifyMyContent assures your website visitors are of age for your posted content, to keep you compliant to the current rules and regulations. In addition, VerifyMyContent provides content moderation and can help address complaints from your visitors.

VerifyMyContent Company Overview

VerifyMyContent is an expert and has years of experience with warranty and compliance, they use a certified methodology to meet the requirements of PAS 1296.

They know that the positive experience of the client is essential for a successful online business. That is why VerifyMyContent is securely designed and offers consumers an easy and frictionless verification experience. Once the consumer is verified on VerifyMyAge, they are validated on any VerifyMyContent integration platform.

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Top Reasons for Using VerifyMyContent Integration

  • Daily Management
    Compared to other solutions, VerifyMyContent can do one thing faster, easier, and more efficiently: age verification
  • No Expensive Setup
    There is no minimum monthly commitment, and no expensive setup is required
  • Daily Management
    Users only pay for a successful verification

Key Benefits

  • Compliance support: Including for new, stricter Mastercard Policies on legal content.
  • Content Provider Verification: Requiring that all content submitted by a merchant is from a viable and trusted source.
  • Written Participants Consent: All participants included in submitted content by the merchant, must provide written consent, to be held on hand.
  • Participant Verification: Requires content providers to verify the age and identity of all participants included in any content they submit.
  • Participant Identity Verification: Merchants are asked to submit documents to verify the identity of their content’s participants.
  • Content Moderation: Content is reviewed for illegal submissions before uploading.
  • Compliant Resolution: Complaints can be filed to remove content posted by the merchant or the participants of the video or other content.
  • Verification and Compliance Reporting: Generated in-depth reports for operational and legal use.

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