Online Security

PCI DSS 4.0: Changes and How to Be Compliant

PCI DSS 4.0 is underway, and merchants should learn how to become compliant to ensure uninterrupted payment processing for their business.

What Is Address Fraud?

Address fraud is a common way of deception towards merchants and their consumers through address changes and theft.

What Is APP Fraud? Definition and Prevention Tactics

APP fraud often happens in online payment processing. Fraudsters attempt to deceive customers into authorizing payments to fraudulent accounts.

What Is Return Fraud?

Return fraud frequently happens in ecommerce and merchants must learn to prevent it and keep their business afloat.

What Is Synthetic Identity Theft?

Synthetic identity theft commonly happens in ecommerce when fraudsters steal customer information to create new identities.

What Is Loyalty Fraud?

Loyalty fraud targets vulnerable customers and accounts to steal information and loyalty rewards.

BIN Attack: What Is It and How to Protect Your Business?

This article explains how BIN attacks work and discusses ways to detect and prevent them.

What Is an MID? Merchant Identification Numbers Explained

This article explains how MIDs work and their role in the payment process. It also contains valuable tips for protecting your merchant account from excessive chargebacks.

AVS Mismatch - AVS Rejected Explained

This guide explains what an AVS mismatch error is, what causes it, and how to fix it.

Are eChecks Safe? What Businesses Need to Know

This article explains how eChecks work and describes the safety mechanisms behind eCheck transactions.

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