Online Security

HTTP vs. HTTPS: What Are the Differences?

This guide explains the differences between HTTP and HTTPS and why encryption protocols are essential for protecting customer data.

How to Change/Reset the WordPress Password

This tutorial explains how to change the WordPress admin password using 8 distinct methods.

How to Check WordPress Version

This guide shows how to check the WordPress version in the Admin, page source code, and the website server using 9 distinct methods.

How to Protect Ecommerce Customer Information

This article explores cost-effective security practices that protect customer data in an ecommerce store.

Magento Backup and Restore Tutorial

This guide shows three different methods for backing up a Magento 2 store. It also contains instructions on how to restore data from a backup file.

How To Change Admin URL in Magento

The tutorial explains how to edit the Magento Admin URL in three different ways. It also shows how to revert the Admin URL to default values if necessary.

Ecommerce Website Security: Secure Against Cyber Threats

The article explores the most common ecommerce security threats and the 14 practical ways to stop them.

What is Account Takeover Fraud and How to Prevent It

The article describes the tactics and methods used for account takeover fraud. It also provides practical advice on how to counteract this type of activity.

How to Install an SSL Certificate in Magento 2

The article explains how to generate a certificate signing request (CSR) and implement SSL in a Magento 2 store.

How To Block an IP Address in Magento

The article shows five distinct methods to block individual IPs and entire IP ranges.

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