Payment Processing

Are eChecks Safe? What Businesses Need to Know

This article explains how eChecks work and describes the safety mechanisms behind eCheck transactions.

Bearer Authentication Explained

This guide explains what bearer tokens and bearer authentication are, how the authentication process works, and how to make the data flow secure.

What Does “Successful Liability Shift for Enrolled Card Is Required” Mean?

This article explains why the "Successful liability shift for enrolled card is required" error appears and how to solve it.

Outstanding Invoices: How to Get Customers to Pay Them

The article lists helpful tips on how to to get clients to pay outstanding invoices.

What Is an API Key? {Definition, Use Cases & Best Practices}

This guide explains what an API key is, how it can be used, as well as how to ensure it is used and stored in a secure way.

What Is an API Endpoint?

This article explores API endpoints and explains how they work. It also offers practical advice for testing, securing, and monitoring endpoint URIs.

What is an API Call?

This guide reveals what an API call is, how it works, and how to make one by analyzing examples from the CCBill API documentation.

What Is a Card-On-File Transaction?

The article explains how card-on-file transactions work, their many benefits, and what merchants need to take into account if they want to process COF transactions.

What is a REST API?

The article explains the principles of the REST architectural style and how REST APIs work.

Types of APIs

The article briefly explores the different API types and popular API protocols.

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