Payment Processing

How to Add a Payment Method to Magento 2

The tutorial contains basic code examples and shows how to add a custom payment method to Magento in 10 short steps.

How to Choose a Payment Gateway for Your Ecommerce Store

This guide provides a list of 13 key features that a first-rate payment gateway needs to provide.

How to Customize WooCommerce Checkout Page Layout

This guide explains how to customize the WooCommerce checkout form with user-friendly plugins and WooCommerce Hooks and Shortcodes.

How To Choose a Payment Processor

The article provides a list of the key features that an ideal payment processor needs to provide.

How to Set Up a Secure Online Payment Form

The article helps you find the ideal payment processor and gives useful advice for setting up a secure payment form.

How to Set Up Recurring Payments in WooCommerce

Find out how to integrate WooCommerce Memberships and WooCommerce Subscriptions to offer recurring payments in your store.

Two-Factor Authentication in Online Payments: Protect Your Customers

This is a guide on the key elements of two-factor authentication that ensure improved protection for online credit card payers

Tokenization vs. Encryption: Choosing How to Secure Cardholders

The article contains a quick comparison of tokenization and encryption, their features, use cases, and how they comply with PCI standards.

What Is Tokenization in Payments? Credit Card Tokenization Explained

The article contains a detailed illustration of a token payment flow, use-case scenarios, and its impact on PCI compliance.

What Is 2FA? Two-Factor Authentication Explained

This article explains the key features of two-factor authentication and its benefits for business entities and their users.

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