Payment Processing

What Is SCA? Strong Customer Authentication Explained

This article explains what strong customer authentication is, as well as when and how it is used to enhance payment security.

What is a Card Not Present Transaction?

This article explains what a card-not-present transaction is, how it works, and how to safely accept transactions of that type.

What Are Statement Descriptors?

This article explains what statement descriptors are and how they can be used by merchants to reduce the chances of chargeback,

AVS Meaning - Address Verification Service Explained

This article explains what AVS (Address Verification Servic) is, how it works, and what role it plays in online payment processing.

A Comprehensive List of Credit Card Decline Codes

A complete list of payment decline codes, messages, and reasons with practical advice for tackling different types of declines.

CVC vs. CVV: What Is the Difference?

The article delves into CVV and CVC codes, explains where they are located, and if there are any differences between them.

What is KYC – Know Your Customer

This tutorial explores KYC requirements, components, costs, and how this regulation impacts merchants.

Test Credit Card Numbers: How to Test Payments

This tutorial lists CCBill's test card numbers and explains how to complete a test transaction using CCBill's FlexForms system.

GDPR and Online Payments

This article closely examines GDPR requirements and how they impact online payments.

PCI Compliance Checklist for Merchants

This handy checklist provides a quick overview of PCI data security standards and requirements.

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