Web Development

Magento Database Types Explained

This guide explains how the EAV data model works and how Magneto utilizes this model to power its databases.

What Are WordPress Permalinks?

The tutorial explains how to customize permalinks in WooCommerce. It also shows how to edit permalinks in individual posts.

What Is Dynamic Pricing?

This detailed guide explores different dynamic pricing types and shows how to implement this pricing strategy.

What is a Webhook? How Does It Work and How To Set It Up?

This article explains how webhooks work by presenting relevant use cases and real-life examples.

How to Add a Favicon to Your Website with HTML

The tutorial explains how to add a favicon using the HTML link tag. It also presents 5 first-rate favicon generators.

Magento MySQL Config: How to Find and Edit Database Config File

This short guide explains how to locate and edit the database config file in Magento 2 using the command-line interface (CLI).

How to Add a Payment Method to Magento 2

The tutorial contains basic code examples and shows how to add a custom payment method to Magento in 10 short steps.

What is Headless Commerce

This article explores headless commerce, its benefits, and disadvantages. It contains relevant use cases and real-life examples.

Differential Loading in Angular 8

This article provides a comprehensive overview of differential loading. It also contains practical advice on how to set up differential loading in Angular.

Magento Migration Plan Checklist

This tutorial explains how to successfully migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 in 10 short steps.

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