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Micro Frontends in a Monorepo

Organizing work on a large-scale software development project where multiple teams get to work concurrently can be tricky to get right. This article will explore common approaches to organizing , whilst concentrating on micro frontends in a monorepository setup. Overview To set up some context, let’s assume we are building a trading application, which we […]

Magento SEO: A Comprehensive Guide and Checklist

This guide explains critical ranking factors and shows how to perform SEO optimization for a Magento-powered store.

What are Progressive Web Apps for Ecommerce and How to Develop PWAs?

This guide introduces progressive web apps, explains how they work, and compares their features with native and web apps.

HTTP vs. HTTPS: What Are the Differences?

This guide explains the differences between HTTP and HTTPS and why encryption protocols are essential for protecting customer data.

How to Build a Magento Website

This tutorial explains how to create an ecommerce store using the Magento platform and its many features.

How To Install Magento 2 on Windows

This comprehensive tutorial shows every stage of a Magento 2 Windows installation. It also includes solutions to common installation errors.

Magento Database Types Explained

This guide explains how the EAV data model works and how Magneto utilizes this model to power its databases.

What Are WordPress Permalinks?

The tutorial explains how to customize permalinks in WooCommerce. It also shows how to edit permalinks in individual posts.

What Is Dynamic Pricing?

This detailed guide explores different dynamic pricing types and shows how to implement this pricing strategy.

What is a Webhook? How Does It Work and How To Set It Up?

This article explains how webhooks work by presenting relevant use cases and real-life examples.

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