Web Development

What is a REST API?

The article explains the principles of the REST architectural style and how REST APIs work.

Types of APIs

The article briefly explores the different API types and popular API protocols.

How to Create a Subscription Website

This article explains how to create a subscription website in eight steps, lists benefits of owning a subscription business, and shows five successful real-life examples.

What is an API Integration? {Explained Simply}

This article explains the concept of API integration as well as its usage and benefits.

What is an API? (Definition & Types)

This article explains what API stands for, how APIs work, and the ways they benefit online businesses.

How Does SSO (Single Sign-On) Work?

This article explores the technical aspects of Single Sing-On (SSO) and how it improves password security and the user login experience.

Micro Frontends in a Monorepo

Organizing work on a large-scale software development project where multiple teams get to work concurrently can be tricky to get right. This article will explore common approaches to organizing , whilst concentrating on micro frontends in a monorepository setup. Overview To set up some context, let’s assume we are building a trading application, which we […]

Magento SEO: A Comprehensive Guide and Checklist

This guide explains critical ranking factors and shows how to perform SEO optimization for a Magento-powered store.

What are Progressive Web Apps for Ecommerce and How to Develop PWAs?

This guide introduces progressive web apps, explains how they work, and compares their features with native and web apps.

HTTP vs. HTTPS: What Are the Differences?

This guide explains the differences between HTTP and HTTPS and why encryption protocols are essential for protecting customer data.

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