eCommerce Tutorials

What Are Statement Descriptors?

This article explains what statement descriptors are and how they can be used by merchants to reduce the chances of chargeback,

How to Build an Ecommerce Website Using WordPress

This step-by-step guide uses clear-cut images to show how to build an ecommerce website in WordPress and explores the many must-have plugins.

How to Respond to a Refund Request

This guide reveals how to respond to a refund request with grace and provides refund request response templates.

Magento SEO: A Comprehensive Guide and Checklist

This guide explains critical ranking factors and shows how to perform SEO optimization for a Magento-powered store.

How to Upsell: 10 Tips and Tricks

This article explores what upsells are, how they work, and what the ten most successful upselling strategies are.

How To Set Up a Magento FTP Connection

This brief tutorial explains how to set up an FTP connection to a remote Magento server in 3 simple steps.

What are Progressive Web Apps for Ecommerce and How to Develop PWAs?

This guide introduces progressive web apps, explains how they work, and compares their features with native and web apps.

How to Install Security Patches in Magento

This short tutorial explains how to install Magento 2 security patches from the command line and by using Composer.

Best Loyalty Programs to Use for an Online Shop

This article explores 8 successful loyalty programs and what online stores need to do to attract repeat customers.

How to Build a Magento Website

This tutorial explains how to create an ecommerce store using the Magento platform and its many features.

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