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Adult SiteRunner is a cloud content management system (CCMS) driven by Amazon Web Services (AWS) which comes with secure-streaming video delivery using CDNs and includes the ability to sell content on a subscription or individual scene basis.

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Company Overview

Adult SiteRunner is a cloud content management system (CCMS) driven by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and secure-streaming video delivery using CDNs to both desktop and mobile devices. It also includes monetization that combines traditional membership with downloading of individual scenes and cloud stashing. We are the first CMS in the market to fully integrate “one-click” purchases offered by third party billers like CCBILL.

What we offer

  • Secure, reliable video streaming via Amazon’s worldwide CDN
  • Sell your content by subscription, per scene download, or via cloud stash for the ultimate customer choice
  • One-click transactions allow for fast instant purchases
  • Smart designs made specifically to target mobile & desktop devices

Top reasons

  • All-in-one CMS, hosting, CDN, security & more

  • Product grows with your brand

  • Integrated One-click for faster purchases

  • Guided installation and setup

How to use

Adult SiteRunner is not just a piece of CMS software. We provide a full service solution that includes all the most important components involved in running an adult site. Other companies/software packages do not provide things like CDN streaming, One Click, Cloud Stash, and Security.

Support Information

Support is available 24/7 via web and over the phone from 9am - 6pm PT Weekdays. Usually you will wait no more than a few hours if you open your ticket online. Phone: 1-888-391-2470

Compatible with

  • FlexForms
  • Merchant Connect
  • WebHooks
  • Subscriptions

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