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The Leading Age Verification solution built on Blockchain which is FREE for merchants and FREE to consumer.

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Company Overview

AVSecure LLC is a global enterprise, headquartered in Jupiter, Florida. Our investors and management have a long track record of starting and growing solid businesses in the technology field, in particular when technology and public policy meet, as they do in Age Verification. AVSecure brings the security of Blockchain to the online age verification market, and will allow users post-Digital Economy Act to access the content they want, safely and securely.

What we offer

  • FREE age verification solution for merchants
  • FREE age verification methods for consumers
  • NO tracking of data
  • SECURE with privacy at its core

Top reasons

  • EASY integration

  • Federated and trusted

  • Compliance with the Digital Economy Act

  • User access choices from open browser to PIN

How to use

When an UK IP is detected, the iframe for AVSecure will load and request Verify Age or Login. The methods of verification will include use of UK mobile phone, credit and debit card, address look up, Government ID and exclusive age verification cards that prove age without revealing identity. Once verified, user can set their browsing options to “let me in” so site access is immediate or by PIN and access key if required for shared devices. Once verified, user can access any site using AVSecure based on their browsing choice.


Support Information

Due to the use of blockchain, AVSecure are not able to track the journey of a user. We retain no personal data that may have been used for verification. We collect no email address. In consequence, any possible hack to a node on the blockchain would reveal a random set of numbers that have no value or link to an individual. It is this level of security that ensures AVSecure is the most trusted solution available.

Tech Specs

Current Version
At launch we will offer a variety of different integration options for website owners. These will include PHP and .NET integrations, Wordpress Plug-ins, and JavaScript page-only integrations. Once you have decided the breadth of the service you require (e.g. you may choose the AVSecure geo-location detector as well as age-verification software), and which integration method best suits your business and technology stack, you simply follow our online documentation instructions to integrate.
For bespoke integration requests our technical team are available to offer assistance.

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