MadeInPluto is a team of highly skilled digital developers from Pluto. We deliver out-of-this-world solutions to tricky problems; in the areas of Website Development, Mobile Apps, Responsive Design, Existing Code Improvement and even more.

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Company Overview

Be it your or our ideas we are dedicated to translate them into working applications which will make your and your users' experience a memorable one. Our mission is to make sense: a beautiful design alone is not enough to let you stand above the competition; an appealing design might attract a new customer, but a functional one makes them come back and makes your business viral. We help you granting your clients a better experience while reducing your maintenance and admin costs considerably.

What we offer

  • Accept recurring, single and item download-stream payments
  • Elegant, unobtrusive and fully customizable design
  • Add, clear, empty, save for later, checkout and thank you callback features
  • Item title, description, photo, price, quantity and notes

Top reasons

  • Easy and fast integration with your website, it works on every modern browser and device.

  • Bootstrap-ready responsive design.

  • Lightweight and natively developed around CCBill API .

  • No database required.

How to use

Make sure you have taken all the necessary steps to be set and running with CCBill.- Open the file config.cart.php and set the requested variables according to your CCBill account settings.- If you intend to use CCart for selling downloadable items, open the file download.php and set the first two variables as requested.- Upload all the files to your sever into the folder where your pages and cart should be.- Visit the page cart.html on your server from your browser. Look at the source and work your pages around it or grab the necessary sections and paste them to your pages making sure to replace the needed parameters according to your needs. Don't forget the CSS files inside the <head> section as well as the two <STYLE> rules, still inside the <head> section.- To initialize the cart, you need to add the javascript initialization to the very end of your pages, right before the </body> end tag.

CCart System

Support Information

We offer online, email and phone 24/7 support by in-house technicians.

Compatible with

  • Post Backs

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