For over 10 years, the ModenaCam platform has enabled new video chat start-ups. ModenaCam customers receive their re-brand ready platform within 3 days, allowing for endless business possibilities and at a price that is one of the best in the market.

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Company Overview

Developed in 2007, and ready to run adult/non-adult web cam software, ModenaCam is the first commercial script to deliver a solution for video chat with a pay per minute portal. ModenaCam contains all the features required for performers including a gateway payment, meaning customers are good to go. The company even offers any type of custom coding, so the platform can accommodate everyone’s needs.

What we offer

  • Fully re-brandable
  • Multiple languages
  • Multiple chat options
  • Efficiency and Reliability

Top reasons

  • Turnkey and ready in 3 days

  • User friendly interface

  • Flexible currency

  • Performer live chat multiple options

How to use

After purchasing ModenaCam, the admin needs to make some settings for the payment method (real currency or virtual currency), set a range of prices (between x and y) for different types of sessions, set the percentage of commission for the performers and affiliates, set the quality of the video/audio for the performers. If they want, the admins can fully customize the platform or they can ask ModenaCam support to do that for them. After everything is set, the admin needs to find performers and go live! The admin can monitor everything that happens on the platform, with real time statistics and spy on the performers to see how they work and manage clients ratings/reviews.

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Support Information

Live chat Monday to Friday 9AM-6PM GTM+02:00 Email on Contact nr 0040742308838 Skype ModenaCamSupport

Compatible with

  • Post Backs

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