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Niche Ad Network connects online dating Publishers & Advertisers via niche ad channels. No more high cost ad systems requiring complex manipulation of ads to try & reach specific groups (but not others) when Niche Ad Network makes ad delivery easy.

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Company Overview

Niche Ad Network works for online dating Publishers & online dating Advertisers, making dating ad delivery easy. Publishers identify the theme of their site & add the corresponding Niche Ad Channel code from Niche Ad Network. Advertisers focused on marketing to a specific niche dating market place their ads into the matching Niche Ad Channel, delivering their ads to their target demographic. With Niche Ad Network's 90+ Niche Dating Ad Channels, it's easy for Publishers & Advertisers to connect.

What we offer

  • Low Cost Self-Serve CPC Online Dating Ad Network
  • 90+ individual dating Ad Channels allowing hyper targeting
  • Alternative to Google Adwords/Adsense & exclusive to online dating
  • Easy to manage (no keyword/negative keyword issues)

Top reasons

  • Strong anti-fraud system

  • Strong reporting system

  • Geo-targeting

  • Device targeting

How to use

Niche Ad Network allows online dating Publishers and online dating Advertisers to expand their CPC marketing and ad delivery beyond Google Adwords/Adsense and Facebook. By offering a less expensive, easier to use system, Niche Ad Network allows those within the dating industry to lessen the risks of having 'all their eggs in one basket'. Niche Ad Network provides a straightforward way for niche dating sites to add appropriately themed dating ad zones into their sites, which Advertisers can then push dating ads into. The Niche Ad Network approach discourages online bidding, which can drive marketing costs upwards, and instead recommends a flat CPC rate. This approach increases stability within the market, lessening Publisher and Advertiser 'churn'. Niche Ad Network provides strong reporting tools for both Publishers and Advertisers allowing control over budgeting, geographic targeting, demographic targeting and device targeting (with strong anti-fraud features built in).

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Support Information

Niche Ad Network can be reached via:

Tech Specs

Online only - No App offered/required
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