No Monkeys Inc.

No Monkeys is a boutique web marketing and development solutions company based out of Montréal. We help create a unique and simplified web presence that has impact and seamlessly integrates your audio and video content online.

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Company Overview

No Monkeys is focused on three key areas: developing web sites, marketing websites and content production. We believe in results, not longed tailed cute monkeys! While our tech team are engineering the latest web sites, our marketing and sales teams are busy engineering your brand to stay ahead of the competition. From website design and social media marketing to media buying, affiliate sales, and email campaigns, we will evolve your marketing from DIY to OMG!

What we offer

  • Responsive Website design
  • Website Development (experts in WP and ElevatedX)
  • Web Marketing
  • Content Production

Top reasons

  • Experienced product manager with over 10 years’ experience in building online brands!

  • Expert developers in WordPress and ElevatedX CMS

  • Skilled marketing manager to help drive growth

  • Boutique shop customer experience to help deliver the best products together.

How to use

Call or contact the No Monkeys team for a product review and assessment. We provide a project scope – including timelines, project costs and Service Agreement tailored to your specific needs.

Support Information

24/7 Product Manager availability

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