We provide you the tools to create your very own online store to start selling products and services to customers worldwide. Our thriving community of store owners, developers, partners and service providers, help you at every stage of running your business.

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Company Overview

We have been developing e-commerce solutions for over 17 years and have attracted a thriving community of store owners around the world, helping each other out in building successful online businesses. We strive to make our products run on every server configuration possible and can be found in the majority of hosting packages to be installed for free with just one click. We focus on our products and community, and partner with specialists to enhance the online shopping experience.

What we offer

  • Free, complete, and modular online store solution
  • Available worldwide through one-click hosting packages
  • Community of store owners, developers, and partners
  • Compatible across all PHP and MySQL versions

Top reasons

  • Completely free and Open Source

  • One-Click Apps Marketplace integration launching 2018

  • Partnered with e-commerce specialists around the world

  • Over 300,000 community members and 10,000 free add-ons

How to use

osCommerce Online Merchant is a self-hosted online store solution that can be downloaded for free from our website. It runs on a computer or server that is configured to run as a web server with PHP and MySQL. It can also be installed via one-click from the majority of hosting packages offered worldwide. A complete and secure Administration Tool is part of osCommerce Online Merchant and allows products, customers, and orders to be managed. 10,000 free Add-Ons are available for free to install in your store to customize your website further. Hundreds of third-party integrations exist to add payment, shipping, order fulfillment, stock management, marketing, and more features to your store.

Services & Hosting

Support Information

Support is available for free in our community support forums and public chat area, and direct commercial support is available with specialists we have partnered with around the world.

Compatible with

  • FlexForms
  • Subscriptions

Tech Specs

Current Version
osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4.1
License Type

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