PepperShop is a Swiss e-commerce software solution that is easy to use, offers high performance and is highly optimized for the Swiss and German market. This webshop is the product of choice for thousands of shops all across German speaking Europe.

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Company Overview

Glarotech is the manufacturer of the Swiss e-commerce system PepperShop. Glarotech implements projects for B2B and B2C solutions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Software and agency services from a single source guarantee projects that are very reliable in terms of meeting budgets and schedules. Easy to upgrade releases and open source code enable cost-effective operation of a solution that is always up to date. With the web checkout, the online shop is also present at the point of sale.

What we offer

  • Reliable and easy to update since over 16 years
  • Connect with many ERP systems like SAP, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, bexio and many more
  • Highly scalable and customizable software
  • Omni channel processes with PepperShop POS

Top reasons

  • Standard software combined with project availability

  • Design choices: Themes, Layout Management, CMS integration

  • Get support directly from manufacturer

  • Security in focus: OWASP certified and penetration tested

How to use

If you’re new to e-commerce, you simply use the setup assistant to be up and running in no time. When your business grows, PepperShop stays at your side and offers many tools like data import and export mechanisms, ready-to-use interfaces and many modules. If you decide to use PepperShop, updating is no more an issue, since all modules and the core is developed by Glarotech GmbH. A new release contains all software parts and can be updated on day one since their release. If you have questions, you simply call one party. PepperShop offers many ERP connectors to small business solutions up to big systems like SAP and Microsoft Dynamics.

Support Information

PepperShop offers a forum for free and commercial support. Additionally you can benefit from a service level agreement.

Compatible with

  • Subscriptions
  • Post Backs

Tech Specs

Current Version
PepperShop v.6.0
PHP 5.6+ (PHP 7+ recommended), MySQL 5.6+
Latest release date: 16.02.2017
License Type
Commercial License, Source code is provided and can be altered for own use.

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