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Have you ever tried to buy something online and couldn’t? We fix that! By simplifying the discovery of digital customer struggle combined with a unique perspective of putting customer experience improvement opportunities in relation to revenue impact, QM helps enterprises identify and prioritize real revenue recovery.

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Company Overview

Based in Monument, Colorado, QM is a SaaS customer experience analytics company monitoring over $30B of eCommerce. Powered by a technology built for the enterprise, QM automatically detects customer struggle and frustration to drive actionable insights and recover significant lost revenue. QM is the result of a “do everything better” mindset coupled with an “innovation first” culture. Supported by pixel-perfect session replay, QM lets businesses understand their customers’ behavior from the point of entry to the moment they exit the website.

What we offer

  • Customer Experience & Behavior Analytics
  • Pixel-Perfect Session Replay
  • Site performance data and insights
  • Encryption of all data

Top reasons

  • Understand User Frustration / Improved Customer Experience

  • Decrease in MTTI and MTTR

  • Better Customer Support (CSR)

  • Higher Brand Loyalty = More Reoccurring Revenue

How to use

Deploy a small JavaScript tag (5 lines) to all pages including any custom error pages (40X, 500X, etc.) and any maintenance pages. Most enterprises will use a tag manager to deploy QM, and once deployed, QM will do all the configuration in the QM UI. No modification to website is needed.


Support Information

Once a client acquires QM, they are assigned a CSE (Customer Success Engineer) and CST (Customer Success Team). The CSE and his/her CST are the single point of contact for anything QM. This includes (but not limited to) any implementation, training, uncovering opportunities, generating weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports, and/or opening any tickets with QM, etc.

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