ReviveAds is a specialized advertising network which bypasses adblock. When publishers use ReviveAds they can recapture revenue previously lost to adblocking.

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Company Overview

RevivieAds is the first Ad Block solution to successfully circumvent Ad Blockers with display ads, pop-unders & other rich media while integrating into a real time bidding platform. Using the ReviveAds’ Patent Pending Solution, we will show you the optimal alternative to paying extortion, praying users don’t block your ads, taking wasted legal action, or jumping through hoops for white listing. Our solution circumvents 100% of the ad blocks across desktop and mobile for you with display ads and pop-unders. We have a 2-year track record of our tracking and bypass solution; & our easy 1 step integration comes with a 100% bypass success ratio.

What we offer

  • Get started in minutes
  • Custom script based on site needs
  • Customizable anit-Adblock options
  • Custom analytics technology

Top reasons

  • Recapture previously lost revenue

  • Serve new ads for blocked ads

  • Works with Adsense

  • Never affects page load time

How to use

Setup is simple. After applying to join ReviveAds, you will be sent a code snippet. This code snippet gets copied and pasted to the footer of your page. The whole process typically takes a matter of minutes.


Support Information

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