Terpon pushes the boundaries of immersive live webcam streaming with its new line of 3D-VR cameras: The Hermes and Artemis Webcams from Terpon are designed to be easily affordable, gorgeous to look at, and the absolutely best quality VR cams presently available anywhere in the world! These are truly revolutionary devices that bring a new dimension to your clients’ sensual exploration without any equipment overheating or technical challenges to overcome. Simple, fast and beautiful!

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Company Overview

Terpon Corp. is a technology company focused on bringing fully-integrated immersive sensorial experience (virtual reality – “VR” & augmented reality – “AR” solutions, and Haptic devices) to the rapidly growing niche of the adult entertainment industry known as live webcam chats (“live cam”).

What we offer

  • VR 3K & 4K live streaming 3D cameras
  • Compression technologies for lower bandwidth/higher bitrate
  • Ultra-low latency technologies for live streaming and bi-directional toys
  • VR players/viewer solution

Top reasons

  • Best online user experience

  • Fully immersive live streaming VR

  • Plug and play setup

  • Works with any Mac or Windows computer

How to use

Terpon’s VR cameras are easy to use USB plug-and-play devices you can rent starting at $30/month. Server and technologies and SDK for the streaming solutions (available for traditional, none VR, streams)


Support Information

At Terpon we are always focused on assisting our content partners, cam performers and consumers. Our goal is to facilitate the best online user experience for fully immersive live streaming VR broadcasts. We are confident you will find this website and our entire business relationship very easy to work with, so please review our FAQ and contact us if there is anything else we can assist you with today!

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