We are an online advertising platform. People can come buy and sell advertising space through TrafficHaus as well as have access to our suite of technologies.

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Company Overview

We are an online advertising platform. We are connected with multiple verticals across the online marketing and advertising space. Our advertising platform TrafficHaus is utilized for real time bidding, real time reporting, inventory management, advertising delivery, enhanced user targeting, and big data reporting. We are able to server over 5 Billion ads per day and are currently serving around 1 billion ads per day globally. We offer a robust array of targeting options such as; Geo targeting, Device targeting, Platform targeting, Carrier targeting, Language targeting, and Keyword targeting. For publishers come sign up, create an ad zone, place the ad code on your website and instantly start having ads populating and generating money. For advertisers come sign up, create a campaign and place your products across thousands of websites instantly reaching the audience you need to reach.

What we offer

  • Buy Traffic
  • Sell Traffic
  • Serve Traffic
  • Advanced Technology

Top reasons

  • Increase users to your website

  • Performance targeting

  • Global Reach

  • Real Time Bidding.

How to use

Signup at, as a website owner and either create ad space to sell and set your target pricing goals. Or Signup as an advertiser and start placing campaigns and bids to purchase traffic.


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