WebsiteSecure is an award winning service designed to inspect and certify paysites for the mutual benefit of customers and merchants. WebsiteSecure provides a meaningful way to highlight your ethical business practices to help you earn customer trust.


Company Overview is an independent website berification organization. Our goal is to assist online consumers who are seeking to find commercial websites that offer honest membership subscriptions and an ethical product purchasing experience. We do this by independently certifying trustworthy merchant websites and by enabling them to display our Certification Seal on their site to differentiate it from the unfortunate number of scammers who defraud consumers and poison online commerce with unscrupulous tricks and hidden fees. When you see the Website Secure Certification Seal on any webpage, you can always be sure that the site has already passed a rigorous impartial inspection.

What we offer

  • Official Seal
  • Policy Review
  • Domain Names
  • SSL Certificates

Top reasons

  • Instantly Recognizable Visual Assurance

  • Cultivate Consumer Confidence

  • Amplify Your Brand

  • Protect Your Customers Data

How to use

Clicking the Seal on any website reveals a simple certificate that explains important details about the sales policies of that particular site. The unique certification number of that specific site is printed at the bottom of each Seal and can be verified here on our website by entering it in the verification box. Verifying a seal number allows you to see a FREE official report designed to give you all of the information you need to shop confidently online. Our analysis shows you detailed information about the data security, cancellation process, terms of service, privacy policy and ethics of each merchant. It also allows you to view feedback from other consumers who have already purchased items from their site. Instead of assuming a site is safe or hoping it is ethical, now you can always be sure with Website Secure.

Support Information is intended to assist ethical business owners with the difficult task of differentiating their web properties from the growing mass of disingenuous sites that litter the internet and erode consumer confidence. We do this by assisting honest consumers as they search for ethical online portals that they can purchase products and services from in a fair and trustworthy manner. If successful, our efforts should aid consumers in avoiding unethical websites while simultaneously providing significant sales increases for the trusted business owners who are certified by the verification process. We welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions.

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